Samsung Preps 3nm Chips to Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Samsung’s upcoming 3-nanomt chipmaking process mite allo for smartphone processors that consume 50 % less power.

Samsung expects to begin mass production odda 3nm chips starting in 2021, it said tody. An improved variant odda 3nm chips will arrive inna folloing yr.

The tek promises to churn out processors that use 50 % less power than Samsung’s current 7nm chip-making process, while offering a 35 % performance increase, executives w'da company’s semiconductor business told journalists. In terms of surface zone, the 3nm process will allo for chips tha're bout 45 % liler.

Whether device makers will use the tek is another matter. Samsung is developing it to lead inna computer processor industry at a time when Taiwan-based TSMC produces silicon for Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and AMD. During the session, the company itself said TSMC’s semiconductor business is 3 times the size of its own.

However, Samsung expects to attract + customers w'da upcoming 3nm chip-making tek. To create the nxt-generation silicon, the company is relying on its “gate-all-round” transistor architecture, a successor to the FinFET tek.

“Our research center s'been struggling very significantly to find a new way of power reduction beyond 3nm,” said Samsung foundry mkt executive Ryan Lee. “Their solution was using gate-all round tis best way.”

Due to the power savings, the 3nm tek ‘d appeal to mobile processor vendors, Samsung engineer Yongjoo Jeon told PCMag. The company also expects high-performance computing makers to ponder building silicon with tek swell.

However, Samsung isn’t alone in trying to develop the tek. TSMC is reprtedly spending $19.5 billion to build a new 3nm chip-making factory in Taiwan. One of TSMC’s biggest customers is also AMD, which s'been competing with Intel to create faster and + power-efficient chips.

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