G to replace faulty Titan security keys | ZDNet

Image: ZDNet

After a pompous launch last Jul, G anncd tody that 'twill replace Titan security keys due to a vulnerability the company discovered inna keys’ Bluetooth pairing process.

G said the security flaw is extremely dangerous, as it allos attackers to gain access, and possibly take over usrs’ devices, and even log into usrs’ accounts.

All usrs who own Titan security keys that can pair (connect) witha device via Bluetooth are now eligible for a free replacement.

Titan security keys without Bluetooth capabilities aint affected, s'as those that work via NFC or USB.

On the other hand, owners of Bluetooth-capable Titan keys can access this page to see if their device is vulnerable, and gain access to a replacement. “If t'has a ‘T1’ or ‘T2’ odda back odda key, yr key is affected by the issue and is eligible for free replacement,” G said.

The security flaw


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