On ‘Blame It On Your Love,’ Charli XCX And Lizzo Play Pop Music’s Saviors

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A photo of Lizzo and Charli XCX emerged yesterdy, attached w'da astronomical claim that the two are “‘bout 2 save pop ♫.” “Blame It on yr ♥” tis outcome, a divine experiment and a pop nerd’s dream come to life — featuring two odda genre’s most be♥d.


There’s a fun game of “spot the reference” to be had here, a wealth of referential intertext that amounts to an early contender for Song odda Summer: “Blame It on yr ♥” rides a clipped, handclap-driven beat produced by pop heavyw8 Stargate and PC ♫ experimentalist A.G. Cook. She repurposes the chorus from Pop 2‘s own weirdo opus “Track 10,” a blissed-out slice of ambient electro-pop that, two yrs after twas released, still feels like an anomaly in Charli XCX’s discography. (For the early-aughts R&B heads out there, the song bears a +-than-passing resemblance to Lumidee’s minor 2003 hit “Never cutout You.”)

Lizzo, fresh off her 1st-ever Billboard Hot 100 entry for “Truth Hurts,” a song she released two yrs ago, does a painfully brief verse here, but it oozes with magnetism. “I’m trying to catch millions, not trying to catch feelings,” she claims, b4 gleefully exclaiming an expletive and leaving Charli to her own devices. If “Blame It on yr ♥” tis duo’s 1st official stab at saving pop ♫, imagine wha’ the possibilities are for a full-length album, or, better yet, an Avengers-esque movie universe where the villains are, like, the chnsmokers. (And, no, Ugly Dolls doesn’t count.)

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