Did You Own a 2016 G Pixel? $500 Might Be Coming Your Way

Did you own the original Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone G released in 2016? If so, you ‘d be in line for some $$$ thx to a class-action lawsuit G has now settled. How much $$$? Up to $500.

As Android Police reprts, last yr a lawsutwas filed against G regarding the microphones on original Pixel devices becoming disabled due to a fault. The problem stemmed from a hairline crack inna solder for the mics, which G 1-ly admitted to in 2017. Worse still tis fact G was at one point sending out replacement handsets that still carried the same fault.

If you remember this cause you owned one odda affected phones, then you ‘d be due some $$$ from G. In order to qualify, you nd'2 ‘ve been a US Pixel or Pixel XL owner witha handset manufactured b4 Jan. 4, 2017. You’ll also need proof of purchase for the phone unless you’ve already been contacted by the Settlement Administration. Finally, you nd'2 join the lawsuit in order to claim, which can happen til Jul 9.

The amount claimants are entitled to depends n'how far down the Pixel defect rabbit hole they traveled. At the lo end, it’s possible t'get $20 if you owned an original Pixel but didn’t experience any defects. However, if yr Pixel device did suffer the microphone issue, then G will pay you $350. If you had that handset replaced and yr 2nd Pixel device suffered the same defect, the payment increases to $500.

yr G payout can be increased yet further if you happened to pay an insurance company deductible. If you did, the settlement will ensure you get the entire payment backin addition to any entitlement for yr faulty Pixel phone.

For now, you can’t sign to be a claimant cause the settlement hasn’t been ratified by a court. However, you can reg w'da law firm handling the case and then receive updates so u know when the claim form goes live.

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