Apple Arcade, confirmed: will arrive earlier and be cheaper than expected

1-odda most anticipated releases by apple fans has finally been confirmed: apple arcade will arrive nxt week in + than 150 countries, one o'em in spain.

this subscription gaming srvc ll'be available across the entire apple, ios and macos ecosystem – vrtly all of yr devices. 'twill ‘ve a catalog of + than 100 games in its release, although not all ‘ve been revealed yet.

details bout the apple arcade, s'as the price, were revealed inna introductory talk of the new iphone. in fact, tis the product – software in this case – that opened the presentation.

$ 4.99 per mnth and cross-platform accessibility

although twas labeled several times as steam’s rival, tis not so. everything apple has confirmed bout apple arcade points inna other direction, to a much + casual audience focused primarily onna iphone and ipad.

in fact, the 1st apple arcade games we saw on stage were designed by and for touch controls. they are sayonara wild ♥s and frogger in toy town, the last offa 1st class company like konami.

€ 561 iphone xr inna reformed amazon, a unique opportunity

according to apple, there ll'be news every mnth, so the catalog will switch tween ≠ titles, just as, for ex, video streaming srvcs.

the full apple arcade catalog has not been revealed yet, b'we know the price: $ 4.99 a mnth, which will + than likely become € 4.99 on arrival in spain, which will also take place on sep 19.

free trial mnth for everyone: the hook for usrs

1-odda most interesting things bout this srvc s'dat it ll'be completely free for the 1st mnth. not specified, but tis understood that these 30 dys will serve as a free, no-obligation trial.

apple’s confidence in its subscription gaming srvc is so gr8 that you can access it without paying the entire catalog, at least inna beginning.

it remains to be seen wha’ will happen to the rival of this srvc, g play pass, which will also be anncd.

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