Apple’s new mistake? Koch has no chance. Life

broadcast from beginning to end do not update. to update.

on stage, they show a game bout a jumping frog that overcomes obstacles. inna meantime, 1-ly iphones are w8in in social networks and trying to predict which new colors ll'be offered for sale.

the presentation of the already anncd in jun this yr game srvc apple arcade has begun. tis reprted that all games presented on this platform are exclusive, that is, they cannot be found by competitors. it ‘d be neat to know how much such a subscription costs.

on stage is tim cook, who traditionally wishes everyone a good morning. the presentation starts with updates for the appstore store.

t'has begun!

new mechik bout the camera! and we ‘ve a minute of readiness.

the presentation featured steve wozniak, who co-created apple with steve jobs. he ☺s and likes to photograph with reprters. although 1-ly a few weeks ago, he suggested dismembering the “apple” so as not to interfere w'da innovation.

according to analysts, the upcoming iphone 11 ll'be a disappointment and will not be able to attract the № of customers apple counts on. this device is likely to ‘ve 1-ly a faster processor and a triple camera onna back, which aint a good reason for the consumer to run inna'da store and buy a new version.

the nxt wave of innovative upgrades is expected in 2020 as the iphone is released with support for 5g tek. here he ‘d become the desired topic of many fans of the “apple”. na iphone 11 sample from 2019 just has to hold its own.

however, w8 for the announcement of the gadget and thn'we talk!

and in china, they are already selling covers for new iphones in full swing, without w8in for the official presentation. ahead of the whole planet!

the camera of the new iphone has already become the occasion for memes in social networks.

judging from the numerous renderings, 1-odda distinguishing features of the two premium iphone models ll'be a triple camera located inna upper left corner na' spesh convex □ platform. with such a camera, you can take even better pictures by pushing a new nail inna'da lid of the coffin of the cameras. btw, the usrs did not val the innovation, called it ugly, and suggested that steve jobs turn in a coffin after such a controversial design. inna pictures everything does not look very neat, but maybe 'twill live better.

some pplz in social networks still hope that apple will launch the previously anncd airpower wireless charging mat, though thris lil hope. there were rumors circulating inna new iphone models that you ‘d recharge yr watch and headphones simply by placing them onna back – supposedly w'da logo inna middle with an apple of the housing. but thris no evidence for that.

further proof that apple is having trouble finding new buyers for iphones is an unprecedented case: for the 1st time inna apple’s history, the presentation ll'be shown on tube, onna territory of g’s competitors, using their own phones produce. all this suggests that sales of apple are bad.

if you compare the loest prices of last yr, you can see t'they ‘ve remained unchanged – $ 749 for the xr, $ 999 for the xs, and $ 1099 for the xs max. two yrs ago, the cost of the iphone was $ 8 at 699 us usds. it turned out that apple 2019 had a kind of price stagnation. + evidence that the interest in iphones is falling?

btw, onna eve of the presentation, spoilers appeared regarding the prices of future iphones inna chinese social network weibo. the cost of the iphone 11 pro max starts at $ 1099, for the iphone 11 pro at $ 999 and for the iphone 11 at $ 749. tis worth noting that the names of future models are still unknown and conditional. however, like the prices tha're probably ≠ in Яussia.

rumors say that 3 new iphone models ll'be shown at tody’s event. in addition, the new apple watch, possibly the macbook pro na ipad pro, swell as the 2nd-generation airpods are expected to be introduced. of all this diversity, 1-ly a trinity of iphones is a + or less confirmed announcement, and everything else is just rumors and speculation, so u ‘d not expect new things in advance. however, most pplz gather exclusively for the iphone, and everything else is just a neat addition to the company.

hello, dear connoisseurs of new teks! “” ll'be broadcasting an online copy of apple’s presentation tody, featuring new iphones nother “apple” devices. the event starts at 20:00 moscow time.

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