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[editor’s note] let’s say the new semester is looking forward to the coming summer holidys. atta beginning of the school, many students were taught the syndrome syndrome: “i do not wanna go to school,” “i cannot adapt to the new environment,” and “i’m scared to meet w'da teacher.” learn to learn the rite children, cogg the work of the school and givda children physical and ψ-chological new semesters or foreign schools willing to adapt to new conditions in their own way. in this matter, the realm will experience the beginning of foreign countries.

germany: human hands must ‘ve horns

shi wei, intern wang xiao

aug 28, 2019, north rhine-westphalia, dusseldorf, federal republic of germany, “brake you!” schulsky has started “begun” w'da exhibition. events and undergraduates learn safe driving na north rhine-westphalian education minister is also onna same dy. (src: please do not retype ic photos.)

the school dy is espeshly primordial for the germans onna 1st dy of school. primordial stages of life require serious choices to help children make a better transition. bein’ a primary school and becoming a true student is an primordial turning point for all german parents who val their education.

atta beginning of the school dy in germany children ‘ve big megapaps and everything looks good. this is a unique gift wrap in germany. parents can buy or do this inna supermkt. gifts are usually filled with candy, lil toys, school supplies or other lil gifts. na' school dy, children receive the birth o'their child from their parents, which is officially a sign of admission. the parents hope that these gifts will ease the fear of the new environment na identity of the new children. atta same time, the sxy bag provides a good mood for children to learn and live.

many german schools ‘ve opened. the director attends the ceremony and invites the children to pticipate and encourage all to learn hard. the school prepares “school education ceremonies” for faith-inspired families, while priests and pastors bless children. after the ceremony, everyone takes a new lesson under the supervision offa teacher and takes a picture na' blackboard w'da words “1st dy of school”. in order to better integrate children into groups, students in some schools can watch or play games for new students. children will forget the school’s hiccups quickly, join new groups actively and learn a new image.

in addition to the school activities, a “school pty” prepared by the parents was also organized. when parents come home from school, they are often invited to a pty to celebrate their friends and family at school. whether yr older grandmother, yr older bro or yr older sister, all family members ll'be present and witness this gr8 dy.

the tradition of celebrating school dys in germany begins inna 19th century. tody’s school celebration is a sign of pop culture in germany, and even pplz can see students witha speaker na' postcard. the german pop writer christiana kantau says: “teaching children is a transition from one state to another. for children and parents, this transition brings many changes. that’s wha’ pplz wanna emphasize with their behavior. type of change. “

after the school holidys, the children will officially come to class and begin their proper student life. the school dy of worship is a wandaful memory for the germans.

on aug 17, 2019, ≈ 73,000 children were enrolled inna 1st grade offa school in kwangville, loer saxony. the children who kept their schoolbags and horns were officially elementary school students. (src: please do not retype ic photos.)

(editor: jia wang, yang mu)

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