Five best devices from the IFA 2019

smart tv philips oled +

at ifa 2019, philips introduced the new oled + 984 smart tv at its stand. smart tv received the uber new dual-core p5 processor and has already received the prestigious eisa award for best home theater 2019-2020. the diagonal of this model is 65 inches. the dolby atmos multichannel audio system was speshly developed by bowers & willkins. in 2019, this maybe the best audio system among all smart tvs. the screen offers impressive picture quality in hdr10, 10+ and dolby vision. in addition, this model has a presh 4-sided backlite, which transmits colors that correspond to the current changes inna film image. operating system – android pie 9.

Пять лучших устройств с выставки IFA 2019

smartphone samsung galaxy fold

as we said earlier, samsung showed visitors the long-aw8ed galaxy fold. this is an innovative smartphone witha flexible screen that has a diagonal of up to 7.3 inches! the smartphone has a presh triple rearview camera and 5g support. other features of the smartphone are also impressive material,

Пять лучших устройств с выставки IFA 2019

ultrabook acer swift 5

acer became the 1st company held their event atta ifa 2019. many new essentialisms were introduced, but'a acer swift 5 notebook was the most interesting to the general public: this ultrabook was the liteest in its category, weighing 1-ly 990 grams and ≤ 15 millimts thick. despite its compact dimensions, the laptop impresses with its teknical features: the core i7 processor of the tenth generation, a discrete nvidia geforce mx250 graphics card and up to 16 gb of ram. all this allos the laptop to handle all office tasks immediately.

Пять лучших устройств с выставки IFA 2019sony wf-1000xm3 in-ear headphones with wireless noise cancellation

the japanese manufacturer claims on its website that the headphones use the noise reduction tek that tis leader in its segment. the headset supports the touch control, the headphone battery allos you t'work without charging for 6 hrs n'when using the case for up to 24 hrs (this is 3 full recharges). there’s support for fast charging: in ten minutes, you can charge the headphones to listen to ♫ for 90 minutes.

Пять лучших устройств с выставки IFA 2019asus zenbook duo dual-screen laptop

this aint the 1st release of the asus zenbook duo laptop (officially unveiled inna spring), but w'da advent of these models at ifa 2019, twas anncd that the taiwanese manufacturer plans to bring laptops to the €an mkt. these are the 1st laptops o'their kind with 1-ly two full-fledged displays in fhd resolution. the 2nd touchpad + color touchscreen display is located directly above the keyboard. this allos you to run several ≠ applications simultaneously onna laptop and increase the usable space of the laptop. core i7 processor, 8/16 gb ram, nvidia geforce mx250 graphics card, wifi 6: the screen occupies 90% of the laptop surface. w8 – 1.5 kg and thickness – ≤ 2 cm. the laptop uses harman / kardon speakers. nothing is known bout sales start and prices.

Пять лучших устройств с выставки IFA 2019

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