He escaped the hijacker and sang witha Mohawk: which surprised Jack Ma

gave away

the founder alibaba group holding ltd. jack ma decided to cutout the position of head of the company. the billionaire retired on sep 10, the dy he was born and his company’s birthdy.


alibaba is china’s largest retail giant. 1-odda most well-known structures in Яussia tis online shop aliexpress, which supplies goods realmwide. tis worth noting that ma currently 1-ly owns 6% of alibaba

55-yr-old jack ma made fortunes of $ 41.8 billion, putting him in 2nd place onna list of the richest pplz in asia.

china’s most famous businessman handed ‘oer the lead to daniel zhang, who s'been ceo of alibaba since 2015.

the fact that ma is leaving her post became known just a yr ago – the billionaire anncd that he ‘d give up the leadership to focus on philanthropy. probably the businessman decided to make room for the offspring – this is his realm view, which was l8r called “the concept of 30-30-30”. atta realm economic forum in davos in 2017, jack ma talked to attendees bout his vision for the success of entrepreneurship. 1st and primordial, he urged that he pay attention to the nxt 30 yrs – during which time, for ex, teks and srvcs emerged that appeared 20 yrs ago. g, f’bok or the same alibaba.

in addition, the government ‘d look out for lil businesses – companies where no + than 30 pplz ‘d work. as an ex, ma quoted his favorite film, forrest gump, as saying that pplz make mny by selling shrimp, not by selling whales.

third, the economy ‘d look out for those older than 30, known as the internet generation.

according to jack ma, these pplz will change the realm inna future, after repressing those in whose childhood there was no computer.

tis possible that the billionaire felt that his time had come t'give way to the boys. in addition, jack ma, who founded 1-odda largest internet companies, is very unfamiliar with it and has not written a single line of code.

from computer to “you”

in fact, jack ma saw his 1st computer in 1995 – when he was already 31 yrs old. he aint a computer expert, but admits that his skills are limited to sending letters and searching the internet. however, ma immediately recognized the gr8 potential behind computers na internet and was looking for wys'2 build an online business that ‘d be in demand on mainland china.

in one of his interviews, ma remembers the dy he 1st connected to the internet at home: “that dy, i invited friends and tv pplz to my house, and we ‘ve 3.5 hrs to a gr8 deal slo dialing so that 1-ly ½ of the page is loaded … we drank, beheld tv and played cards. but i was so proud – i proved to my guests that the internet is real. “

university past

atta beginning of his career, jack ma worked as an english teacher and taught his subject in front of 500 students. atta same time, he received bout $ 15 a mnth. in this work, he took 5 yrs b4 he decided to change.

he tells how he got a job at a kfc restaurant but was turned down. then he opened a lil but own translation company.

in 1999, he founded alibaba and collected 18 elder students from the university at his home, where he taught.

ma did not choose the name by accident – he knew he ‘d do business internationally, so he needed a recognizable brand that is easy to write and pronounce. the billionaire lives'dat alibaba is firmly linked to the phrase “sesame, open” with which ali baba from “thousand and one nites” has opened all doors.

kidnapping inna states

in 1995, jack ma survived a kidnapping inna ∪d states. he agreed to help one of his friends settle the debts of an american businessman. when he arrived inna states and demanded a refund, the debtor brought out a gun, locked up ma at home, and spent two dys trying to solve the problem with brute force.

wha’ happened nxt reΨs 1-odda plot offa hollywood movie rather than a point from the biography offa billionaire. the businessman forced ma to travel with him to las vegas, where alibaba’s future boss spent his last mny to win $ 600 in slot machines. after that, ma managed to escape his kidnapper, and w'da mny he won, he bought a return ticket.

work is good

jack ma is known for his almost fanatical attitude t'work. inna spring of 2019, he campaigned for a working culture of 12 hrs a dy, 6 dys a week. this tis 1-ly way to success.

“i liv'dat the opportunity t'work 6 dys a week from 9 inna morning to 9 inna evening is a blessing. n'our realm everyone dreams of success, a good life, wanna ‘ve respect. but let me ask you how you will succeed if ye do not spend + time and energy than the others? ma said at a meeting with employees of alibaba.

in addition, he sufferationed that alibaba will not be ☺ for those who count na' “comfortable” 8-hr working dy.

he emphasized that he had worked a lot when he founded his empire and expected the same return from his staff.

but by the end of aug, ma unexpectedly anncd that pplz ‘d 1-ly be working 12 hrs a week – 3 dys, 4 hrs a dy. according to the billionaire, artificial intelligence will help to free employees from additional work thall take somd' responsibility. maybe ma wanted to show employees b4 retiring that work is still not the most primordial thing in life?

creator inna soul

it’s worth noting that jack ma also has a power outlet that allos him to take sufferation off the work. this aint easy to believe, but ma ♥s performing and often talks to her staff wearing extravagant costumes and wigs.

for ex, in 2014, jack ma sang a song witha huge mohawk on his head elton john “can you feel the ♥ tonite” tis soundtrack of the lion king.

even the billionaire is no stranger to dancing – two yrs ago, jack ma danced a hit atta alibaba conference michael jackson “dangerous” in uniform and white g♥s. so he realizes himself as an artist and atta same time shows that he is close to the usual employees of his company.

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