Hotplate, razor and spider: how users made fun of the iPhone 11

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atta sep presentation inna theater steve jobs apple introduced 3 new iphone models – iphone 11, iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max. the designs for this line were integrated inna'da network a few mnths b4 the event, so that netizens ‘d appreciate it long b4 the official release. the main difference with last yr’s devices was the presence offa convex □ platform inna upper left corner of the back of the iphone, which houses a dual or triple camera (dep'onna model).


when the 1st renderings of such a solution appeared onna internet, twas almost torn to pieces.

design described it as disgusting and ugly, suggesting that if steve jobs were alive, he ‘d be outraged.

some recalled the recent resignation of apple’s chief designer jonathan quince – allegedly, he left the brand cause he ‘d not put up w'da fact that the camera protruded from the bulging platform.

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as it turned out, the rumors were true, and all the iphones w'da № 11 inna name received such a strange convex camera. and judging by the reaction in social networks, she became the star of the whole event.

onna eve of the presentation, analysts predicted the failure of the iphone 11 due to the fact that it repeats the design of last yr’s iphones and does not ‘ve any breakthrough features that force you to run inna'da store and buy a new model. you can tell by the end of the quarter’s 1st sales indicators iffey were rite, b'we can confidently say:

on social networks, they made fun of the new model + than they admired.

during the presentation, twitter was literally torn out of comparing the new camera with various essentialisms and sentient bein’s. some1 decided that the 3 lenses na flash resemble the burners na' stove.

some1 inna new camera saw a razor.

arachnophobes decided that from the depths of the iphone 11 a spider was watching them.

but ♥rs of memes saw in a new iphone pikachu surprised.

serial fans and ♥rs of deeper humor inevitably remembered bran stark and how he became a 3-eyed raven.

there were also comparisons with coconut, slingshot nother items with two or + holes. it seemed that the usrs were laughing + bout the new design than discussing the potential of the new line.

same equipment, but + expensive

if you ‘ve not folloed the online broadcast of the presentation, here is a brief summary: apple has introduced 3 new iphone models. the iphone 11 tis successor of the iphone xr, which regards the company as one of his favorite devices. this was mainly due to the loer cost of the device and achieved by brite colors tha're no longer represented in any other line. the iphone 11 received a palette in 6 ≠ colors: black, white, gray, yello, red and lite green.

the lcd screen of the iphone 11 had a size of 6.1 inches and a resolution of 1792 × 828. it turned out that the camera of the gadget is dual and each module contains 12 megapixels.

the processor has also been updated – now tis a13 bionic, which is installed in all 3 new models. tis + uber than last yr’s a12 and all other apple chips.

the battery of the new model has a cap of 3110 mah, while usrs were promised an hr + work than the iphone xr.

the basic version of the iphone 11 64 gb costs 699 usd, 128 gb – 799 usd and 256 gb – 899 usd.

iphone 11 pro and iphone 11 pro max ‘ve replaced the iphone xs na iphone xs max. the iphone 11 pro received a 5.8-inch oled display witha resolution of 2436 × 1125 na iphone 11 pro max a 6.5-inch oled display witha resolution of 2688 × 1242.

unlike the iphone 11, both premium models ‘ve a triple camera with wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens. complete with gadgets, a quick-charge module ll'be delivered, alloing you to recharge the device faster. the iphone 11 pro and 11 pro max last 4 or 5 hrs longer than their predecessors.

the cost of the iphone 11 pro starts at $ 999 for 64gb, $ 1149 for 128gb, and $ 1349 for 256gb. for the iphone 11 pro max, you’ll pay $ 1099 for 64gb, $ 1249 for 128gb, and $ 1449 for 256gb.

in addition, as pt of its presentation, apple introduced a new generation of ipad and apple watch, reminiscing bout the fall of the apple acrade and apple tv + srvcs.

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