JBL-Gnossy produces a party with lighting and lightweight wireless speakers (OVO) for a large number of pplz.

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the imported audio device from herman international (tokyo) released the bluetooth speaker ptybox 100 from jpy. this is a new kind of quality system that can be used by a large № of pplz, including pties, sounds and gr8 lites. direct online shopping for 29,880 yen (excluding taxes).

the self-proclaimed pty speaker system uses jbl tek, which provides good sound recording, sound isolation, loud noise, and a brite ring round the top and bottom of the subwoofer. most primordially, the 3 flash lites can be configd ≠ly to create 3 litin’ modes. use lite and noise to make the action briteer.

high cap battery. it can play 12 consecutive games and supports long events. in addition, smartphones can be charged via usb, so u do not ‘ve to worry bout the power supply, even if smartphones are us'das the sound src. the main body maybe vertical or horizontal and has a tripod hole that can be positioned in a high position.

in addition to wired usb inputs, a guitar input and a microphone input are available. it can also be used to host, display and mix ♫. if you switch off the litin’ function, you can use speeches, lectures, seminars, etc. you can add a speaker to use it for large zones. size and w8 width 290 x h8 551 x depth 288 mm / 9.7 kg.

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