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if you see bao zheng, you will feel + presh. onnis interview with deeptek, he made a soft speech and insulted.

bao zhen, a graduate of the national academy of engineering, a professor of chemical engineering at stanford university. bao zhenai is concerned with materials for chemical research, pticularly polymer ladders, and has developed polyethylene semiconductor properties with high charge-transfer properties and molecular design principles for stable organic semiconductor materials in air that can be sprayed or printed. develop. he used a new printing tek to assemble the 1st high performance single crystal semiconductor field effect transistor with an amorphous silicon transistor.

he created the realm’s 1st electronic paper witha new structure based on organic transistors, in which a “sensitive” plastic frame was developed. this was an primordial achievement inna field of robotics, the swalloing of human skin and robotics. improvements are also very useful.

the 70-yr-old has already won the realm showdown title. tis 1-odda top 10 sci and tek research projects in 2015. in 2017, she was honored w'da realm-famous sci of north america, and in 2017 she was honored by unesco as the best scholar inna realm and honored in 2003. the sci and teknical review of mit is selected by young teks under the age of 35 (mit tr35). tody he is a member of the sci council of the future sci of the future na mit tr35.

src: future sci award

deeptek developed a new electronic advancement: “leather robotic boots, bo zhengang’s team built a car,” and stanford bowenhans’s team achieved new achievements inna research from the bao zhen team: + advanced mass-electronic materials “a new electronic realm comes” “the famous beautician bao zhengang releases a battery: + sodium ion batteries and their cost are at least 20% loer than lithium batteries. “- stanford bauer team develops wireless skin sensors for ♥ rate, respiration and stimulation stay in control and feel good”, “artificial sensory nerves are coming out! the last discovery of bao zheng made by the team: imitation leather is toonized by braille.

on sep 7, the upcoming sci award for 2019, bao jenong received an interview in a deeptek interview on academic awards and artificial leather research.

1st, a sci prize tis icing onna cake, not snow.

bao zhen (2nd from left) at a press conference on future sci awards. src: future sci award

deeptek: ur a member of the future sci prize committee and responsible for selecting the victor.

bao zhen: that’s a bad guess. every yr we receive ≠ nominations, and thn'we select the best so that the candidates do not go in any direction. that’s why they win the best victors of the yr cause they’re pushing for nominees in ≠ directions.

deeptek: victor of the mit tr35 2003, victor of the tr100 2003 (100 best young inventors under 35) na mit tr35 in china. can you compare the mit tr35 with future sci? mass loot

bao zhenong: these awards are victors of the sci work of the victors and enable them to givda public an cogging of these scis.

iow, these academic awards can be heard by academics and academics na' larger scale cause of public opinion. that’s why it affects entire scis. cogging the research direction of the zone that won the prize will awaken their curiosity and inspire sci.

the difference tween mit tr35 s'dat the victors are young pplz, cause they are potential young pplz, some scis, some of whom ‘ve their own academic careers and lil time to develop their work. they show that there are opportunities.

in 2019, i was awarded the li jinsong tr35 award, and his work was a lil robot designed to treat infections.

the future of sci awards is an primordial discovery, and this position is inna immediate vicinity of the nobel prize.

deeptek: which of yr sci awards is + inspiring cause there are so many sci awards?

bao zhennan: we ‘ve no research to win a prize. one thing is to be interested n'our interests, some to gain knowledge, others to do wha’ pplz need. tis better to be recognized by doin’ so and receiving a bonus. but sometimes it’s lonely to do sci or do wha’ ye do. not everyone coggs wha’ ur doin’. that’s good, cause you think it’s primordial. is there.

deeptek: yr industry tis foundation of sci and tek, and sometimes it seems boring.

bao jenson: i think research aint an engineer or a sci. thris no gender benefit. each field is based on individual toonistics. each person can ‘ve ≠ interests and experiences. if you ‘ve interesting places and strengths, do a better job and be ☺.

2nd, artificial skin, a'pers becomes + human

deeptek: howzit describe this sentence when you describe the direction of yr research as “pplz make pplz +”?

bao zhen: the artificial skin we think bout has many functions, and many functions do not exist n'our skin.

artificial skin can see things or you cannot 1-ly touch the skin, b'tll so know the environment and know wha’ others think. in this case, artificial leather allos souls to replace the robot with humans. we're the pplz. we can decide that the results we achieve will help pplz and turn them into humans.

but if this tek does not bring us new attributes, t'does not mean anything. so we ‘ve to find a way to find artificial skin for it t'work, so i ‘ve to make artificial skin.

deeptek: can you make that clear? wha’ tis lvl of development of artificial leather inna coming decades and is it a kind of sci fiction film?

bao zhen: faux leather can 1-ly be used to improve the skin concept, b'tll so to add some new features. with these sensory materials, for ex, you can get lil pieces to develop a med device. for ex, the coating of lithium-ion batteries with self-healing materials makes lithium batteries less susceptible to short circuits.

these materials ‘d 1-ly be pondered iffey are relevant to the human body and require long-term studies to identify and involve clinical practitioners, as the test duration is relatively long.

deeptek: nowadys, artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces are very hot. wha’ impact will these studies ‘ve on artificial skin studies?

bao zhen: in fact, primordialistic skins are a systematic project based on materials s'as sensory, electrical signaling and transmission biology, but my research deptment cannot stay inna field of research. if we wanna test the performance of our materials, we nd'2 create a whole system. my research team consists of chemistry students, chemists, material scis, students of electrical engineering, biophysics and computer sci. all work and work together witha research team. we conduct a cross-industry survey and work alongside other industries with professional teachers.

deeptek: wha’ tis current artificial leather rhythm in this zone?

bao jangnan: very fast speed. inna middle of 2005 we started researching in this zone. nobody talked bout the robot, nobody talked bout the computer interface of the brain. the № of essentialisms in this zone has increased dramatically inna last 5 yrs. i think that ≠ directions develop. at some point you can start to promote each other.

the evolution of computer ai n'our industry allos us to develop the data we receive. previously, we did not ‘ve the resrcs to process such data, and now new robots ‘ve appeared. sfar, such robots were very rare. is there. atta same time, the development of materials sci and tek has reached a certain lvl.

whenever an primordial discovery takes place in a region, these ≠ pts can be combined and new discoveries made. for ex, i focus on materials chemistry, but use the l8st advances in computer sci and robotics, and then use the l8st chemical materials, which maybe the last major discovery.

deeptek: wha’ are yr closest trading practices to these results since you published many results on imitation leather?

bao zhen: now i’m making a wear-resistant product that measures blood pressure. this tis use of the sensitive skin senses we're studying, na pulse is used to measure the health of the skin, which can be used to measure blood pressure, as it provides much health information.

this product is like a strip. so when you feel the pressure, the current smart essentialisms cannot reach the same lvl cause the accuracy of the pulse effect is measured. these changes are rel8d to the health of the cardiovascular system.

this is a usd-based thin skin blood pressure monitor that can be attached to the wrist w'da size and type of wrist. src: stanford university

deeptek: when will the product be released?

bao zhen: 1st, we deliver this product to the hospital. this is a mandatory fda test, which is a very accurate measure of blood pressure and is intended to replace the med sphygmomanomt.

we hope that the skin blood pressure monitor is similar to a modern med blood pressure monitor that can be continuously, uniformly and continuously measured to measure blood pressure.

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