The Play Pass, G’s Answer to the Apple Arcade, Will Arrive Soon

tody, it seems that thris no srvc that does not ‘ve its subscription model, and apple and g do not wanna miss the train of subscription video games. video game subscription srvcs ‘ve become pop in recent yrs. netflix is ​​to blame, b'tll so microsoft game pass.

against this background, both apple with apple arcadelike g with g play pass, are preparing to launch their subscription video game srvcs. in g’s case, it’s a model that, for bout $ 5 a mnth, will allo us to download thousands of premium games.

t'looks like we’ll ‘ve access to the full list of premium games on g play, tch'mins we won’t ‘ve in-game advertising or purchases.

it’s almost time ⏲️ g play pass is coming soon.…

– g play (@gplay) sep 9, 2019

mobile gaming is becoming increasingly pop, something that favors the most uber phones and that developers pay + and + attention to this mkt segment (very juicy, onna other hand).

we don’t ‘ve much + data bout the srvc, and g didn’t givda g play pass release date, but t'looks like the srvc will arrive soon, according to the message the company posted to its twitter account.

t'looks like the srvc will arrive sooner or l8r, b'we don’t ‘ve a specific date yet. remember that, besides games, g play pass is very interesting cause we can also access premium apps, which will open a new realm for many usrs.

now we just ‘ve to w8 n'see wha’ apple’s move is this afternoon. g’s main rival in this mobile, ios, will also ‘ve a similar srvc called apple arcade, and tis expected that during the presentation of the iphone 11 this afternoon, we will ‘ve new details.

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