From pplz and to pplz

breaking the protocol to speak directly to the pplz, he was repeatedly seen gettin lost inna crowd that always finds him on frequent tours round the country.

thus, 1sthand, he is interested inna primordial problems that plague pplz and contrasts the information previously provided by the employees with whom he was interviewed:

«wha’ tis neighborhood like? are the jobs we saw last time kept? do they work well?

with typical cuban familiarity, explain the purpose of the visit, listen, ask, encourage.

he said that the construction of this dialogue must be honest and truth-based. this is why it avoids false expectations. “there are issues that may ‘ve a quick solution, others will project onna economy, and there are also some + difficult, we ‘ve to keep resisting til we can move on,” he warned his listeners + than once.

if one aspect has penetrated among the cubans, the working style of president miguel díaz-canel bermúdez na council of ministers s'bind'a permanent link w'da pplz.

who knew his role inna leadership of the province of villa clara, a practice that has always folloed since his creation as a leader, formed by fidel and raúl.

during his 1st interview as president of the councils of state and ministers, granted to the telesur jail, díaz-canel explained that after the constitution of the ix legislature of the national assembly of pop power na study of the speech given by the general of during the dy, the army raúl castro ruz, the executive committee of the council of ministers and l8r the council of ministers, conducted a collective cogitateion exercise, from which 4 primordial pillars inna work of the cadres were derived.

among them, he highlited the bond, the debate na permanent dialogue w'da pop, na presence inna most complex places.

“we realized that we had a bond that we had to strengthen in government management, which was (…) how to seek gr8r interrelationship tween central government na governments of the territories (…)”.

so a system of visiting provinces that s'been maintained to date had already started for several mnths.

+ than a visit by the president inna interior of the country, the president clarified that tis a visit by the council of ministers, in order to reach a moment of contact with local governments and pplz.

“inna end, projections are presented for nxt yr’s economic plan, or things that can be somehow resolved, and that’s wha’ we wanted to establish with this style of work: that thris a government dep'onna pop, like us fidel and raúl taught, ”he told students and faculty atta university of pinar del rio last sep.

“wha’ we want with this systematic contact, beyond dialogue, s'dat we cannelp unravel problems,” he added.

inna republic of cuba, sovereignty resides untransferable inna pplz, from which all state power is derived. photo: miguel febles hernández

1-ly in vueltabajo, as a result of this experience, ‘ve major decisions been made, s'as a significant increase inna housing construction plan, to address the pending effects of the hurricane for over 10,000 yrs or the work to be addressed to improve wata supply inna region. provincial capital.

in addition, t'has helped to make other pplz’s claims viable, s'as the expansion of the village school, located at kilomt 21 of the road to la coloma.

onna other hand, visits to the interior of the country allo the central government to know 1sthand the initiatives tha're applied inna territories and tha're worth sharing.

in this sense, there has never been a lack of meetings with universities, nor the convening of cadres to encourage sci research n'see it as an primordial tool.

“fidel was an advocate of this,… he went to the universities when he wanted to discuss a problem,” he recalled onnis dialogue with telesur.

“it’s a necessity for me since i was a youth leader,… that youth trip that always brings you so much.”

according to those who know him closely, he is always aware of pplz’s opinions, insists on his team t'they nd'2 be responsive to wha’ pplz say, and demands t'they be answered promptly.

“everyone needo be connected to the pop, as ur doin’,” i heard from 1-odda many anonymous cubans who approached him on each island tour. that at other lvls of management, they sometimes look away to avoid problems or wear out in office meetings and analysis without giving a boost to life.

diaz-canel himself pointed out that from this spontaneous interaction with thousands of cubans, complaints arose that were resolved immediately cause a bureaucratic decision or lack of attention and sensitivity were working on'em. “that’s wha’ pplz tell us in this dialogue and this meeting.”

but'a president, as much as he can, cannot be everywhere and needs the support of the pplz to whom he gives himself. he ritely insisted onna nd'2 ‘chase away selfishness, vanity, laziness, havoc’, i cannot ‘, and let everyone cogg the importance of’ thinking as a country ‘.

from the conceptualization of the model

among the principles of our socialism that underpin the model, stand out: “the human bein’ tis main objective and protagonist subject; their dignity, =ity and total freedom, bearer of culture and national identity and vals ​​s'as ♥ of the country and humanity, heroism, patriotism, anti-imperialism, solidarity and internationalism.

they are also core vals ​​of our ideology: loyalty, honesty, honesty, modesty, diligence, responsibility, altruism, humanism, selflessness, respect for others na environment.

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