Microsoft fixes a problematic update to Windows 10

computer system to update release date end of aug windows 10 thris a problem. the digital assistant software from cortana suddenly became “greedy” and received enormous cpu resrcs through the process “searchui.exe”. after receiving consumer complaints microsoft the problem w'da version № kb4512941 is now accepted and edited.

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“we're investigating usr issues where high cpu usage associated with searchui.exe is reprted after installation. recreation as of: aug 30 (kb4512941) »twitter twitter account @windowsupdate.

after we installed the update on aug 30 (kb4512941), we're investigating the issues with high cpu associated with seachui.exe. we will provide updates for future releases.

– windows update (@windowsupdate) 3rd sep 2019

wed (9/9/2019) plans to release these improvements from compacttek in mid-sep, but aint sure yet.

according to the news, the searchui.exe process used by cortana varies tween 40% and 90% of cpu resrcs after 100-200 mb of memory. as a result, you can reduce the power of yr computer and quickly drain the battery.

inna event offa workround, usrs may try to change the name of the shell where searchui.exe is installed.

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press ctrl + alt + delete to open task manager. then select the “details” tab and click onna “searchui.exe” process, rite-click and select “open file zone”.

however, b4 changing the folder, 1st close the searchui.exe process onna tasks tab.

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