Stream: Black Desert – Understanding Innovation

the developers of pearl abyss work tirelessly onna mmorpg black desertpublish weekly updates that include both well-balanced adjustments and various enhments. and now tis time for such a patch, so we invite fans of this fantasy realm and any-1 who wanna join garro, who will never miss this event and will definitely be studying innovation.

you can watch the program directly in this news or on our twitch channel. the stream starts at 13:00 moscow time

“black desert offers a wide variety of game toons and a uber editor that lets you change face and body as you like. in a vast, completely seamless realm that covers ≠ climatic regions, you can feel the long-forgotten spirit of quest. the desert offers a variety of activities. players can devote themselves to the fite against monsters and pvp or concentrate on peaceful activities: trade, manufacturing, agriculture, research, fishing and much +. “

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