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some time ago, we already had a job witha boat that you mastered witha bang. tody we ‘ve solved an =ly tricky puzzle to re-test yr ingenuity.

onna waves swings a boat, onna board offa ladder is loered. til the tide sets in, the wata hid 1-ly the bottom of the stairs, but now the wata came on. at high tide the wata rises 15 cm per hr. the distance tween the steps is 25 cm. ?: after wha’ time does the 2nd stage wata hide from the bottom of the stairs?

1st, try solving the problem yrself and write the answer inna comments. then read our answer.

the answer

when the boat has a hole or when the header is loered loer. to the fact that inna problem staging, that inna problem staging, that inna problem staging.

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