Athletico Paranaense imposed himself. But Inter aint dead

são paulo brazil

inna most homely brazilian cup in history, athletico paranaense folloed the script. it imposed itself b4 the international. w'da thrilling support of his vibrant crowd at arena da baixada, the well-deserved 1-0 win, goal by bruno guimarães.

tiago nunes’ team now 1-ly need a draw nxt wed to win the brazilian cup.

the problem s'dat the match ll'be in porto alegre, in beira-rio, the domain of internacional, which has 79% success in 2019, at home.

“it’s too hard to play here. i tried to hit the ball, to control, but it bounces a lot, so til it falls again, this field is too complicated. but at home we solve it, ”guerrero promised, complaining bout the arena’s primordialistic lawn.

“the 1st ½ of the final is over. now, let’s go inside our house. if we had won, we ‘d not ‘ve decided. the athletico coach knows that. let’s go into beira-rio, into our house, play our game, ”warned odair hellmann.

“advantage aint decisive for anything. a kick inna 1st minute can kill her. we had the ex of wha’ happened inna semifinal (athletico reversed the disadvantage of two goals against grêmio and won on penalties). but'a advantage is very primordial, ”said tiago nunes.

“we ‘ve already faced the crowded maracanã, the monumental de nuñez, the bombonera. we respect the international a lot, b'we will arrive prepared in beira-rio ”, promised nunes.

the 1st game of the brazilian cup decision belied the relevance of who had the apparent dominance of the game.

athletico paranaense has possession of the ball offa large team when facing a minor. they were 63% against 1-ly 37% of internacional.

but'a gauchos were much + objective.

they even had one + submission: 10 against 9.

and 3 real goal chances for each team.

the proposal of the two teams is very similar. compression, block attacks, high physical strength, speed, short tables, side triangulation.

obviously the 39,000 fans pushed, made athletico push, seek the goal, propose the game. the international sought the acute counterattacks.

the versatile bruno guimarães stole the game scene, multiplying onna pitch, scoring, pulling back, emerging in front to finish.

twas a matter of fairness for him to complete for the nets, one of edenilson’s rare failures and bad ♣ on moledo’s cover, who failed to cut marco ruben’s pass. the ball hit bruno guimarães’s ft to stuff marcelo lomba’s net.

the goalkeeper of internacional, btw, made a mythic defense. and prevented the gauchos cutout the arena w'da disadvantage of two goals.

at 27 minutes, ron dribbled off. he passed 3 opponents and, face to face with lomba, kicked hard. the goalkeeper defended reflexively. his defense resembled that of the best handball archers, such was the speed of reaction na strength to defend the violent ball.

but 1-0 was the fair advantage of those who maintained their interest in winning from start to finish. the international ‘d ‘ve been + aggressive.

in fact, after 30 minutes of the 2nd ½, there was no game. athletico were very concerned that internacional ‘d draw. and internacional showed fear that athletico ‘d expand the score.

tiago nunes and odair left the last chapter for nxt week, for beira-rio.

although the 2019 brazilian cup is so homely, the result is absolutely unpredictable…

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