Checks and purchases: How mail services steal personal information

several e-mail organizer applications scan the content of usr e-mails and sell the data to third pties, the portal said. motherboard, in pticular, it’s bout the srvcs of edison, cleanfox and slice, each of which offers 500,000 to 1 million downloads inna g play store.


if you liv'dat the information comes from their official websites, these mail srvcs not 1-ly “‘ve” access to usrs’ emails, b'tll so “process” them.

+ specifically, the developers of these applications scan inc emails from the owner of an electronic mailbox for messages from online shops – they are interested in checks, order confirmations and notifications of the receipt of goods.

these mail srvcs then sell the collected data in anonymized or pseudo-anonymized form to third pties who are interested in such information – for ex financial organizations or companies from the e-commerce industry. they collect analytics to cogg internet usrs’ tastes and preferences, and how much mny they’re willing to spend online.

although usrs indiely agree to transfer their personal information to the above email srvcs even iffey download applications from the store, often without reading the terms of use, many o'em do not even liv'dat the programs they use can transfer their personal data to third pties.

“they ‘d ‘ve expressed their commercial intentions + openly,” said motherboard, one of edison’s usrs who didn’t know the collection of information.

“i didn’t know they were doin’ this. they recently introduced new features that i really liked, s'as: b. tracking packages, prices na like. now i cogg Y-U added them. they just wanted to collect + data bout usrs, ”said another usr of the srvc.

the portal business insider asked edison developers for comments on this situation. the press srvc said its application “automatically detects and processes information rel8d to purchases, ignoring personal and business messages”.

rakuten’s representative, who owns the slice srvc, said the company warns usrs that their data is collected for mkt purposes nolso pays close attention to “protecting usr privacy”.

eduard natta, ceo of foxintelligence, who owns the cleanfox application, emphasized that all new usrs receive notifications that the srvc collects information from emails with monetary transactions, but stores the data encrypted.

“wha’ we do tis exact opposite of wha’ companies like f’bok or g do. we’re creating a model where usrs get a free product but'a usr doesn’t become a product, ”said nutte.

despite the fact that all 3 companies comply w'da law and really inform usrs bout the data collection, the presence of consumers who knew nothing bout it indicates that the warning aint clear and unambiguous. in addition, the process of anonymizing the information that the developers of these srvcs speak of has long ceased to be a panacea. numerous cyber security experts ‘ve repeatedly found that encrypted data that has leaked inna'da network aint 1-ly easily decrypted, b'tll so reconnected to a specific person.

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