In St. Petersburg, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and 12 others were arrested dur'na photo shoot

police in st. petersburg arrested actionist nadezhda tolokonnikova and another 12 pplz dur'na photo shoot in an art studio on academic lane, reprts “media”

as the member of pussy riot petr verzilov said, they detained everyone who was inna studio. “the cops gave no details na reasons for the detention. they said t'they ‘d explain everything to everyone at police station № 16, where everyone ‘d now be taken, ”he added.

another hellish arrest in st. petersburg: the police broke into an art studio (!!!) where the photo shoot took place and was locked up there @ oversized and 11 other pplz supposedly cause they are inna studio for no reason (!!). the petersburg police chased pussy riot for the 2nd dy. peak…

– peter verzilov (@gruppa_voina) feb 10, 2020

wha’ is primordial to know:

feb 9 police tore offshooting of the pussy riot video for the song “enrages”, which took place inna film studio “lenfilm”. according to tolokonnikova, two dys b4 the planned filming, “civilian employees” came to lenfilm and “convincingly asked to cancel the filming”.

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