“It is necessary to officially include the RAS inna government decree on updating the instrument base.”

the agenda of tody’s meeting of the presidium of the Яussian academy of scis is “the instrument base of sci and education of Яussia: problems and solutions”. the academic of the Яussian academy of scis, renad zinnurovich sagdeev, gave a lecture on this topic.

“without good modern equipment, thris no decent sci and education. among the problems facing Яussian sci and education are two main problems: our organizations are significantly inferior to their western ptners in terms of total instrumentation volume, na μ age of the devices has reached a crit threshold of 10 yrs or +.

to solve these problems, the president of the Яussian federation issued a decree and a national project in 2018 to update 50% of the instrument fleet of sci organizations. our presidium working group, which included representatives from all leading thematic deptments of the Яussian academy of scis, was actively involved in defining the process of updating the instrument base w'da ministry from the start. twas decided to conduct an ras review. twas done.

a decree by the government of the Яussian federation agreed w'da ras clarified that the expertise of the ras is required. na failure to submit such an examination justifies the termination of the agreement to fund these programs. that is, there was a serious influence of the ras in this project. as a result, both zones of the ras were excluded.

<> the planned pticipation of the ras inna examination was known. a № of organizations sent their development plans to the ras. we started the investigation. after the decision was made, the trial was suspended. “

as the academic emphasizes, government decreewrt the new status of the update of the instrument base from dec 27, 2019, thris also no line regarding the examination by the ras. sfar, however, the folloing agreement s'been reached tween the ras na ministry: atta announcement of the nxt call for proposals, the ministry will ask that the results of the review of all submitted plans for the development of the instrument base by the ras be presented.

“in this case, it ll'be necessary to officially include the ras in a government decree inna future,” says the academic.

“the acute ? is how the presence of the ras can be strengthened when the instrument base is updated. we all want our sci to develop. tis necessary to appropriately distribute the funds allocated by the state. in 2019, two government regulations were issued regulating the funds. the decision was coordinated w'da ras. after the vote, however, these issues were removed. this aint a ? for the ras from whose submission these points ‘ve been withdrawn. none of the resolutions contain the regulatory framework of the ras. ⊢, in these circumstances, it cannot be discussed why the ras did not take the exam.

course, the academy ‘d do this exam. tis necessary to contact the government so that this clause is enshrined inna decree. the problem ‘d be solved as early as 2020. let us we turn in order to officially authorize the Яussian academy of scis to conduct an examination, the documents submitted (in relation to funding applications) ‘d be the subject of our examination, ”said alexander sergeev, president of the Яussian academy of scis.

head of ras a.m. sergeev too sufferationedit ‘d be wiser not t'give all the mny to upgrade 1-ly the institutions inna 1st group, but to distribute the funds in such a way that other institutions, the 2nd group, ‘d receive funds and update their instrument base.

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