Programmers have modeled a dead daughter for a Korean woman in virtual reality

vrt tek developer estate a digital image of her dead daughter was created for a woman from south korea so that her mother ‘d “meet” with her.

feb 7, 2020 resrc aju business daily released a documentary entitled “i met you” bout how engineers were “revived” using vr tek a girl 3 yrs after her death for her mother.

in a munhwa broadcasting corporation documentary, a mother who died 3 yrs ago from an incurable disease in a 7-yr-old girl named nyon was able to “meet” her daughter in vrt reality.

the developers ‘ve created a digital image of the deceased girl that can speak, hold hands, and even ‘ve her own birthdy.

to re∪ mother and daughter, a vrt reality headset and tactile g♥s were used. the production team spent 8 mnths implementing the entire project. they recreated a park in vrt reality where the mother and daughter really were when the girl was still alive. then used capture tek movementsto record the movements offa child actor who became the model for nyon’s digital double.

the film shows how the girl’s mother, chiang ji-sen, ‘d talk to her daughter in vrt reality, hold her hand and celebrate her birthdy with candles onna cake.

as the video shows, the meeting was a real emotional shock for a woman. the rest of the family beheld wha’ was happening onna screen.

chiang ji-sen himself called the meeting w'da deceased a “paradise” and a “dream i always thought of”.

the developers note that such a reconstruction of the dead inna digital realm can lead to unforeseen consequences, including for the health of living relatives.

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