The Trump administration is demanding an increase in NASA’s budget to $ 25.2 billion, an acceleration of the moon landing na fulfillment of the Mars plan

the launch of the nasa missile and space system took place earlier this yr

according to tencent tek news, foreign media reprted on feb 11 that u.s. president donald trump had requested a 12 % increase in nasa’s budget for the coming yr so that the agency ‘d bring pplz back by 2024. the surface of the moon. nasa is expected to allocate $ 25.2 billion to the trump administration in 2021, well above the $ 22.6 billion it received in 2020.

if the new budget proposal were implemented, it ‘d be nasa’s largest investment in decades. almost ½ odat amount (bout $ 12.3 billion) will go to nasa funding to return to the artemis of the moon program. this is an ambitious plan to send the 1st woman to the moon inna nxt 5 yrs. ≈ $ 3.4 billion ll'be vested'na new commercial lunar trips that bring pplz to the surface of the moon, and $ 700 million to fund the activities of the moon.

president trump said onnis budget request: “nasa must bring american astronauts back to the moon by 2024 and maintain a stable existence onna lunar surface. this tis 1st step in a ∪d states trip to mars. ”“ artemis budgeted that the ultimate goal of the program was to send pplz to mars. in addition to the budget, tis stated that nasa’s activities onna moon will one dy provide experience and test methods for sending american astronauts to this planet. artemis donated $ 233 million to the red robot pioneer mission to keep mars onna program.

nasa’s human intelligence program is largely covered in this proposal, but'a budget request reverses many of the sci projects that were attacked after the presidency. this request was not funded by the huge new space observation and extensive infrared research telescope that trump repeatedly attempted to cancel w'his observation plan inna previous request.

atta same time, a new budget application requested the deletion of two ≠ geographic studies, including pace and clarreo pathfinder na nasa stem liaison office. this yr, the us government plans to discontinue nasa’s sofia 747, which was specifically designed for aerial surveillance cause “its effectiveness, like other agents, has not been scially proven.”

however, this budget proposal aint persistent. the president’s call for a budget is just the beginning offa very long nasa budgetary process for nxt yr. both the house of representatives na senate must be sponsors, and tis not clear wha’ %age budget legislators wanna catch up with. inna past, congress has rejected the trump administration’s attempt to cancel some of nasa’s programs, and lawmakers can continue to do so.

the white house requested a budget proposal, and nasa provided additional information onna proposal and how much the agency ‘d nd'2 fund the artemis project ‘oer the nxt 5 yrs. nasa estimates 'twill generate tween $ 26 and $ 27 billion a yr ‘oer the nxt 5 yrs and a maximum of $ 28.6 billion by 2023.

this roughly corresponds to the cost estimate of artemis program director jim bridenstein from last yr. according to him, nasa may need $ 20 to 30 billion ‘oer the nxt 5 yrs to c’oer the moon of artemis. the budget includes funding of $ 71 billion for the entire saran-mars program through 2024, including plans implemented prior to artemis’ creation.

nasa’s artemis program is based on two large devices that the agency has developed ‘oer the past 10 yrs: a large rocket launcher (sls) and a new satellite called orion. capsules are said to send a'pers deep into space. both projects received strong support from congress and were well funded at this request: the sls was $ 2.25 billion nxt yr and orion was $ 1.4 billion nxt yr. after many yrs of delay, rockets and capsules are expected to fly for the 1st time in 2021.

despite the full funding of sls, the budget proposed to delay the development offa new, + uber, higher quality rocket. the trump administration claims that new equipment is too expensive b4 sending pplz to the moon by 2024.

the recent budget has focused onna development of commercial launchers. the trump administration has asked nasa to use commercial missiles, na agency’s main task is to launch jupiter in €. nasa has currently authorized congress to use sls for missions. nasa’s budget document says that using commercial transport rockets like the existing falcon heavy or delta iv rockets instead of the agency’s sls ‘d save $ 1.5 billion.

in addition, hopes for a bill onna budget for the commercial development of human lunar traffic for the legislator were controversial. the government also hopes commercial missiles will fire pt of the new gateway space station that nasa will build onna moon.

for the international space station, the project was allocated a budget til 2025 upon application of the budget. this is primordially ≠ from the budgetary requirements til 2018, as the trump administration has proposed to stop funding the international space station by 2024. the president’s recent request no longer required the international space station budget to be canceled by 2024, but'a proposal provided that nasa ‘d be handed over to commercial companies that may ‘ve requested space orbit control. start an orbit into space. to support the transition, nasa requested $ 150 million.

overall, the trump administration has a strong budget for nasa, which has not had such a large budget for a long time. if nasa is expected to land onna moon quickly, funding will nd'2 be increased, at least to complete the mission. but many congress members were skeptical of artemis’ plan and were surprised that pplz had to reach the moon by 2024. this is a fairly politicized period that coincides w'da end of trump’s 2nd term. nasa also plans to increase funding if the government focuses on reducing aid programs and environmental programs.

trump personally asked congress to fund the artemis project, but it’s unclear whether the government ll'be able to meet nasa’s budget. nxt yr he will show how much legislators are highlitin’ and wha’ projects are top priority for nasa. (tencent tek review / golden deer)

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