A little less sleep: How much time do the Russians sit onna Internet?

100 dys continuously online

we're introduced socially the reprt digital 2020, which shows the global consumption of the internet and social networks. in its study, the brand cites statistics from analysis companies s'as globalwebindex, statista, gsma intelligence, app annie, similarweb and locowise.


currently, over 4.5 billion pplz round the realm use the internet, meaning that almost 60% of the realm’s pop ‘ve the opportunity to go online. the № of usrs of social networks has exceeded the 3.8 billion mark. experts predict that the № of those who ‘ve a profile in at least one such srvc will reach 50% of the realm’s pop by mid-2020.

with smartphones, 5.19 billion pplz own mobile devices round the realm – that’s 124 million or 2.4% + than inna previous yr.

the μ internet usr aged 16 to 64 spends 6 hrs 43 minutes online every dy.

this means 100 dys of uninterrupted internet use throughout the yr.

if you imagine everyone sleeping 8 hrs a dy, it turns out that 40% of our vigilance goes online.

Яussia has entered the top 15 most internet-dependent countries – the μ Яussian spends 7 hrs and 17 minutes a dy online. the philippines, south africa and brazil took 1st 3 places (9 hrs 45 minutes, 9 hrs 22 minutes and 9 hrs 17 minutes respectively).

the main thing is communication

tis reprted that 92% of all internet usrs connect to the network even when using mobile devices. despite such a high rate na widespread use of smartphones, 3 quarters of usrs aged 16 to 64 also use pcs and laptops for online access.

this means'dat most residents of the realm who ‘ve access to the internet use a large № of ≠ devices to connect to the network. this means'dat both mobile devices and computers are in high demand.

among the types of mobile applications that most interest usrs, messengers are leaders – 89% of usrs use them. the same %age is accounted for by social networks.

66% of usrs prefer online shop applications, 65% prefer entertainment srvcs or video applications (e.g. tube), 47% prefer mobile games. 11% of smartphone usrs ‘ve dating apps.

internet aint for everyone

just over 40% of pplz are still not connected to the realm wide web – there are 3.2 billion pplz. over a billion o'em livin' south asia (hindustan peninsula, sri lanka and a № of islands), another 870 million in africa.

tis interesting that not 1-ly age, b'tll so gender plays an primordial role in determining the accessibility of the internet. for ex, women are + likely to be without a network than men. in south asia, women use social networks 3 times ≤ men.

in addition, according to gsma statistics, + than ½ of all women in india do not even suspect that thris a mobile internet.

according to the ∪d nations, such in=ity is due to “deeply √ed social norms and practices inna region”.

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