Enter the keys: FSB requested access to the correspondence of the Russians

last summer, the owners of the pop Яussian internet srvcs received from fsb letters that require the provision of encryption keys for usr correspondence na organization of access to information systems. medusa reprted citing a src onna internet mkt.


the publication also contains a copy of 1-odda letters and dates. “Яussian post“.

recipients include the avito trading platform, the habr forum and blog system, rutube video hosting, the ucoz website builder, the voice messaging srvc mdi-connect.ru and others.

“inna midst of the moscow protests, the fsb 1-ly arranged for mass mailings to companies from the ari reg,” the src says. the ari reg is a list of roskomnadzor information dissemination organizers. the reprts were sent by the fsb’s center for operational and teknical events in aug 2019 by reged mail “Яussian post”.

the owners of the srvcs had to “organize 24/7 remote access to the systems” and “ensure teknical readiness as soon as possible to provide the center w'da information needed to decrypt electronic messages from usrs of internet srvcs,” added the src added.

failure to provide encryption keys under the “spring act” will result in a fine of up to 1 million rubles. in addition, inna event of non-compliance w'da requirement roskomnadzor will issue instructions to remedy the violation within 15 dys. if this requirement aint met, a complaint is filed gainsta srvc requesting that the zone in Яussia be blocked.

a similar situation happened in 2018 – then the telegram messenger was blocked nationwide according to his head pavel durov refused to provide the fsb with keys to decrypt usr messages. according to durov, the telegram architecture does not offer a back door for spesh srvcs cause the security of usrs’ correspondence tis company’s priority. no agreement was reached and roskomnadzor decided to block telegram.

oct 21, spesh representative of the Яussian president for digital and tekal development dmitry sand explained that the messenger aint prohibited in Яussia. according to him, access to the telegram aint restricted. peskov added that he is using it.

in response to the ? of blocking ip addresses used by telegram, peskov said this was an incentive to develop many interesting solutions, startups, and research.

“this maybe a lil unusual advantage, but tis certainly in this story,” added the president’s spesh representative.

deputy head ministry of communications alexey volin trying to block the telegram in turn means'dat the application aint prohibited. according to him, “you don’t contradict each other.”

“the decision to block the teknical srvc does not imply a ban onna use of this srvc,” said volin.

in jun last yr, the fsb requested yandex to provide keys to decrypt the personal correspondence of usrs of the yandex.mail and yandex.disk srvcs.

“the purpose of the law is to protect security interests, and we fully share the importance of this goal. in addition, the law can be implemented without violating the privacy of usr data. we believe tis primordial to find a balance tween the security and privacy of usrs and to take into account the principles of = applicability of regulation for all mkt pticipants, “said gazeta.ru newspaper.

soon the head of roskomnadzor alexander zharov yandex na fsb found an acceptable cooperation solution atta st. petersburg international economic forum. he sufferationed that such a situation as at telegram had not occurred at yandex.

jan 29, the new minister of communications of the Яussian federation maksut shadaev he proposed that security officers be given access to confidential information of Яussian citizens using a simplified procedure without involving a court.

we're talking bout government data, information from bnks, mobile operators and internet srvcs. access them now law enforcement received 1-ly by court order. experts suggested that such a measure ‘d not be implemented without changing the constitution.

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