Integration versus ecosystem: how is Apple different from Samsung?

in addition to the 4 new smartphones presented at unpacked 2020, samsung has shown how it wanna stand out from its main competitor appleby betting on collaboration with other tek giants.


inna galaxy s20 series, bixby’s voice assistant searches for films innetflixswell as ♫ in spotify atta usr’s voice request. exclusive bonus content is also available.

among others, forza street racing game from xbox game studios, owned by the group microsoftdebuts on galaxy smartphones.

these companies ‘ve added to the list of brands with which samsung is building and expanding its collaboration.

atta same time, apple decided na' ≠ development path and built up its own ecosystem. in 2019, apple ♫, apple tv + and apple arcade srvcs were introduced, which are intended to provide the owner of the iphone with ♫, series and games. given the large № of usrs who already ‘ve devices with an ios operating system, apple srvcs initially ‘ve a broad customer base.

however, the main business of the “apfel” company is still the production of mobile devices, so that the quality of the srvcs offered by the brand does not always correspond to the mkt lvl.

as it turned out, both approaches ‘ve their place, but in this situation, tis worth paying attention to the usr experience and usability of gadgets, experts inna field of mobile teks say. “samsung is very consistent in wha’ t'does. the company’s strategy has always been simple: we manufacture hardware, b'we do not try to open up zones tha're not pt of our core competence. samsung takes advantage of the best that is available onna mkt and integrates it into its essentialisms, ”said the leading mobile analyst at mobile research group gazeta.rueldar murtazin,

atta same time, the company does not restrict the usr and does not force him to use certain applications. you can download anything you wanna the device.

“if apple is closed to itself and doesn’t let go of its usr and prevents it from looking round and seeing something else, samsung tis other way round. they say, “look, we ‘ve everything.”

we make a piece of iron and wha’ ye do with tis yr choice and we don’t wanna influence it.

the rites of usrs of apple essentialisms are very limited in every respect, and this is a primordially ≠ approach by the company, ”∴ the src of not all companies manage to build their ecosystem, says evgeny mironyuk, an analyst at freedom finance.

“tis possible for such giants as g or apple. even end-to-end microsoft solutions aint very pop.

in order to enter samsung’s highly competitive north american mkt, twas + logical to agree t'work with local industry leaders spotify, netflix and microsoft xbox, ”mironyuk told

“we liv'dat samsung’s cooperation agreement will clearly strengthen the korean company’s position as the line tween its smartphones nother android devices is gradually disappearing. high-quality content and common tekal solutions that 1-ly mkt leaders can offer are coming to the fore, ”said the expert.

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