Operations na' working heart – world experience in Russia

recently, a new direction has developed inna realm – minimally invasive operations.

the jsc “med” (clinic of the academic roitberg) organized the international sci-practical conference “new possibilities for minimally invasive surgical treatment of the aorta”.

minimally invasive surgical treatment of the aorta is an innovative method that allos you to restore the aortic stenosis valve without open surgery. that is, without cutting the sternum, an artificial cardiac arrest, without the need for a blood transfusion, prolonged the anesthesia. the essence of the minimally invasive method s'dat the surgeon performs the operation through a minimal incision of no + than 5 cm inna x-ray-controlled intercostal space. the surgery does not stop bein’ difficult cause tis performed na' working ♥, but tis much less traumatic for the patient.

if the aortic valve changes in an hr and a ½ during normal surgery witha sternum section na operation can take bout 6 hrs even witha ♥-lung machine, the entire operation with minimally invasive surgery will take no longer than 2 hrs na valve replacement will take 39 minutes. this does not require a ♥-lung machine.

in addition, this method requires fewer blood transfusions, less time for artificial lung ventilation, a third shorter time for the patient inna intensive care unit and a loer risk of postoperative atrial fibrillation. since the integrity of the breast bone structures aint viol8d during the operation, the patient can make full movements after the procedure. vrtly no pain. rehabilitation faster and easier. the patient 1-ly spends a week inna clinic and can exercise without restrictions after one mnth. the obvious cosmetic effect is obvious – the lack of large scars.

leading foreign experts inna field of cardiac surgery discussed modern methods t'they use to perform minimally invasive surgery na' working ♥ when the aortic valve is replaced witha bioprosthesis, and why close collaboration tween the anesthetist na patient is required for minimally invasive surgery surgeons are pticularly primordial to recognize the gene and manage predisposition to aortic aneurysm.

for the 1st time, 7 recognized cardiac surgeon experts gathered inna same place, who shared their Яussian colleagues’ experiences with complex ♥ operations.

joseph lamelas – md, director of the deptment of cardiothoracic surgery atta university of miami (usa), professor atta miller school of med atta university of miami health. he has 30 yrs of experience, has performed + than 7000 minimally invasive ♥ surgeries, published + than 100 publications onna subject and read + than 300 lectures on minimally invasive ♥ surgeries.

dr. lamelas performed + than 16,000 ♥ surgeries, 7,000 of which were minimally invasive, and trained ≈ 1,000 colleagues. he is still the 1-ly surgeon inna realm to use a minimally invasive teknique to replace the ascending aorta.

lamelas is an internationally recognized expert in various forms of minimally invasive ♥ surgery. he developed a range of valve repair and replacement methods, the miami method. he started with operations onna aortic and mitral valves 1-ly and expanded the minimally invasive methods to two and 3 valve operations, ascending aorta surgery, tumor removal and even congenital ♥ defects. professor joseph lamelas says of his method: “the miami method is unique cause i don’t use just one teknique cause there are no two identical valves.”

mauro del giglio (mauro del giglio) – md, head of the cardiac surgery deptment atta villa tori gvm clinic (vila maria group), bologna (italy). minimally invasive operations to replace the aortic valve ‘ve been performed since 2009, and he performed + than 1000 operations. he has the gr8est experience in minimally invasive surgery for aortic valve replacement.

bart meuris (bart meuris) – md, cardiac surgeon, professor atta catholic university of leuven, leuven (belgium), deptment of cardiovascular diseases. head of the research and test lab, sci lab for biostatistics and mathematical modeling, which develops new bioprostheses witha longer lifespan. he has + than 25 publications and has read + than 100 lectures onna subject.

bart loeys (bart loeys) – md, clinical geneticist, professor atta university of antwerp (belgium). the research topic is genetics of aortic diseases, clinical genetics, cardiogenetics. prepared + than 200 reprts, read + than 150 lectures onna subject.

kotelnikov igor nikolaevich – dr of med, cardiac surgeon, advisor to jsc “med”, moscow (Яussia). a speshist inna field of ♥ valve ♥ surgery, author of numerous sci papers, member offa team of authors that develops new methods of minimally invasive ♥ surgery. he has + than 20 publications and has read + than 10 lectures onna subject.

gabriele tamagnini (gabriele tamagnini) – md, cardiac surgeon, villa tori gvm clinic (villa maria group), bolnja (italy). he s'been working inna field of minimally invasive ♥ surgery since 2016. topics: minimally invasive ♥ surgery, traditional surgery, intensive care.

jose luis zulueta (josé luis zulueta) – md, cardio anesthesiologist, villa tori gvm clinic (villa maria group), bologna (italy). he s'been working inna field of minimally invasive ♥ surgery since 2012. topics: minimally invasive cardiac surgery, intraoperative echocardiography, neurosurgery.

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grigory roitberg greeted the conference pticipants w'da words: “the jsc“ med ”clinic has always been a pioneer inna application of modern international best practices in cardiac surgery. we were 1-odda 1st in Яussia to begin minimally invasive bypass grafting of chest coronary arteries na' functioning ♥, na 1st in moscow to ‘ve a unique surgery for subcutaneous defibrillator implantation in a patient with ventricular arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, and risk a sudden cardiac death caused by cardiac arrest. the equipment of the clinic na experience of the drs enable open ♥ surgery. our cardiological center was founded in 2012 and we ‘ve extensive experience inna surgical treatment of coronary ♥ diseases nother diseases of the cardiovascular system. the center has 5 intelligent operating rooms, one of which is hybrid. we work closely with foreign experts. b'we're always open to new things, we don’t stop learning ourselves and we share our experiences with colleagues. “

the academic also informed his foreign colleagues dat a' completely astonishing and varied project ‘d soon start, in which all spectra for nuclear med ‘d be primordialized at once. now jsc “med” is building a center inna city of khimki near moscow – it ll'be 1-odda most modern nuclear med centers in €. the opening of the med complex is planned for the end of 2020.

“a minimally invasive method of replacing valves is teknically difficult. a mistake here is completely unacceptable. course, tis necessary that the surgeon has extensive experience and mastered innovative treatment tek knicks. we're all gathered here for this, ”said the realm-famous cardiac surgeon, md, professor atta university of miami (usa), author of repair and replacement valve methods, known as the miami method, bout his pticipation inna conference. )

joseph lamelas emphasized the importance of the international xchange of experience na relevance of the conference topic and thanked the organizers of the conference for the opportunity to share their own experiences and to listen to €an and Яussian colleagues.

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tween the discussions, drs from all ‘oer the realm actively asked ?s, gave advice and used the experience of colleagues who were recognized as “stars” of cardiac surgery. not 1-ly hundreds of successfully operated patients, dozens of sci essentialisms, b'tll so an primordial skill – overcoming the language barrier.

the conference not 1-ly aroused the interest of cardiac surgeons, b'tll so of cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, anesthesiologists, vascular surgeons and minimally invasive surgeons.

the event became a platform on which Яussian speshists ‘d familiarize themselves w'da realmwide experience in performing minor traumatic ♥ operations.

150 drs attended the conference.

“surgeons are now focusing onna least invasive method of performing the same procedures that were done 30 to 40 yrs ago using the classic standard teknique. this is necessary so that patients, espeshly the elderly, can feel safe. til the 1990s and 2000s, the operation was aimed at reducing the results to a minimum of complications. since the 2000s and tody, cardiac surgery s'been aimed at maintaining optimistic results and reducing the lvl of invasiveness and trauma during the procedure. in addition, minimally invasive surgery helps patients who previously had no surgery and had no chance of recovery, ”said mauro del giglio, head of the cardiac surgery deptment atta italian clinic villa tori gvm (vila maria group) na Яussian cardiac surgeon igor kotelnikov ,

jsc “med” (clinic of the academic roitberg) is a multidisciplinary med center consisting of two med buildings, including a clinic, a hospital, a 24-hr ambulance and a state-of-the-art sofia oncological center.

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