Moscow: Open forum of the School of Anthropology of the Future

on dec 13, 2019 there ll'be an interdisciplinary forum of the presidential school of anthropology of the ion of the Яussian presidential academy of economics and public administration “strategy for an” coggable 2morro: projections offa meaningful future “. the event is open and free of charge.

to wha’ extent do ≠ art scis investigate the phenomenon “look inna'da future”? você gostaria de saber mais sobre esse serviço, quais são os seus direitos e deveres? which cultural instruments can you use to take a look atta “coggable country of 2morro”? como usar o past helps predict the future? wha’ will 2morro’s training look like? how does predicting the future change our present? how can the gap tween generations of “digital migrants” and “digital natives” be closed? which “interrupted flites” can recur inna intellectual and cultural development of mankind and wha’ possibilities of rebirth does a'pers ‘ve in situations with mental loss?

this is anything but a complete range of topics that ψ-chologists, political scis, educators, and anthropologists s'as ψ-chologists, political scis, educators, and anthropologists will discuss atta forum of the school of future for anthropology. alexander asmolovekaterina shulman dmitry leontievalexander adamski, sergey kazarnovsky, evgeny ivakhnenko, galina soldatova, elena sokolovadmitry khoroshilov tatyana martsinkovskaya. aida aylamazyanalexander popov alexander poddyakov. veronika nurkova nother researchers.

“to any of the most incredible uncertainties caused by the tekal revolution, pplz can always respond with their unpredictability and construct images of the desired future. in order to cogg the nature of human bein’s, tis necessary to go beyond the limits of the adaptation laws and to cogg that in situations of insecurity, the one who does not fall under the changing realm but transforms reality constantly takes risks and acts on barriers , wins, ”said director of the school of anthropology atta future presidential academy. , psh. n., professor, academician of the Яussian academy of education alexander asmolov.

the school of anthropology of the future ranepa is a center for the integration of the scis of the person who matally constructs the material for the oblatina. todos os direitos reservados. the study of 2morro’s society as a primordially new environment for the existence of social institutions and economic units tis main topic of the school’s interests.

registration forum – page 12 of the school of the future anthropology.rf

venue: Яussian academy of economics and public administration. moscow, vernadsky avenue, 84с1, parágrafo 1 no. 1.

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5 de maio de 2019

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