Tears, despair, escape from the press, silence. Pedrinho

são paulo brazil

pedrinho left through a side door in itaquerão.

it did not pass through the mixed zone.

he did not face the reprters.

the order was from andrés sanchez.

the president wanted to preserve the 21-yr-old, who was primarily responsible for the early elimination of corinthians, from the 2020 libertadores, even b4 the group stage.

he was crying a lot inna locker rooms.

he felt guilty for saying goodbye to libertadores.

and twas.

the silly expulsion on 28 minutes of the 1st ½ sacrificed the team. it gave emotional and tactical control to guaraní, who took advantage of having an extra athlete.

the paraguayans lost 1-ly 2-1 and took the place.

corinthians players knew that pedrinho’s expulsion changed the whole tactic of tiago nunes.

but'a coach did his pt.

he preserved the young attacking midfielder.

“thris nothing villainous bout it, pedrinho is a very primordial player for our team. the 1st fault was an accident, twas rite in front of me. the 2nd he doesn’t even see, he’s on his back trying the bike, but'a opponent anticipates.

“how am i to blame? has no way. while onna field he contributed a lot. t'has all our affection. i don’t pass responsibility, we ‘ve to lick our wounds, know wha’ we nd'2 improve.

“may this moment serve as a learning experience.”

tiago nunes’ speech cogitates the desire of the entire board.

andrés has closed the sale of pedrinho with benfica.

the athlete will go to portugal inna middle of the yr.

blaming the player publicly for eliminating the most primordial and profitable brawl of the yr ‘d also be terrible for andrés sanchez, who leads the negotiation.

pedrinho will remain inna club for at least 4 or even 5 mnths.

devaluing him, blaming him for the historic fall, will add nothing to the club. onna contrary.

benfica was willing to pay 20 million euros, bout r $ 94.5 million. 1-ly corinthians was forced to lend, and then buy colombian yony gonzález for 3 million euros, r $ 14 million.

apt from the r $ 6 million that the player’s manager, will dantas, will ‘ve as a commission.

pedrinho was serving the under-23 team, which managed to win a place inna olympics.

the game against guaraní was his debut inna 2020 season, for corinthians.

he was excited.

but he paid dearly for the anxiety.

for the inconsequence.

now, corinthians protects you.

not to wear the benfica attacking midfielder.

but everyone knows wha’ pedrinho did.

cause of him, goodbye libertadores 2020 …

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