Artificial intelligence contributes to the quantitative analysis of medical images to diagnose pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus

on wed, china developed a system for the quantitative analysis of med images with artificial images intelligence / ai / to diagnose pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus. this was reprted inna keji ribao newspaper.

according to the newspaper, computed tomography / ct is 1-odda methods for testing and diagnosing this pneumonia. however, due to the large № of patients na rapid progression of the disease, difficulties in accurate diagnosis and quantitative analysis ‘ve arisen.

the system developed by huazhong university of sci and tek and chinese tek giant huawei can automatically generate accurate quantitative results for a single patient and significantly improve diagnostic efficiency.

this system cannelp drs distinguish tween an early, progressive, and severe period of the disease. it makes early screening and prevention + effective, the newspaper reprts, citing the words of bai xiang, a professor at huazhong university of sci and tek.

based on numerous reviews of these images, drs can better assess the progression of the disease na effect of meds on patients who ‘ve confirmed a new type of coronavirus disease.

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