Meeting “Psychological support for families in crisis situations”

dobryakov igor valerevich

the new yr’s meeting of the professional club of med vocational schools will take place in st. petersburg on dec 19. topic of the meeting: “the phases of the formation of marital relationships na ψ-chological support of families in

invited speshist: dobryakov igor valerevich – candidate of med scis, head of the deptment of perinatal ψ-chology institute for practical ψ-chology “imaton”, senior researcher of ψ-chonesurological research in st. petersburg М. m. bekhtereva, head of the deptment of perinatal ψ-chology of the ψ-chological general clinical ψ-chologist in st. petersburg (euroψ- certificate), ψ-chiatrist, ψ-chotherapist, sxologist; author of monographs including perinatal ψ-chology, expecting a child, how t'give birth to a child

club moderators:, leader. deptment of general and clinical ψ-chology pspbgmu them. acad. i.p. pavlova – isaeva elena rudolfovna;; ph.d. st. petersburg gbuz ψ-chological srvc “hospital named after p.p. kashchenko “- hanko alexander valerievich,

the event will take place on dec 19 at 5:00 p.m. inna city center for med prevention.

address: st. petersburg, malaya sadovaya st., d. 1/25 (italian st., d. 25). is required registration

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