People who dishonored their famous parents

some celebrities ‘ve ♥d pties, alcohol, and drugs since childhood. there are times when famous parents don’t set a good ex.

still, by the children of lawless politicians na undisciplined children of film stars. that is, not all o'em follo the rules. or do their children act cause their parents are famous?

1 son cindy crawford

on dec 30, 2018, presley gerber, the son of supermodel cindy crawford, was arrested for drunk driving. gerber was 19 yrs old atta time and was stopped by the police when he hurried down the boulevard hills.

the marriage lawyer said: “presley is very sorry for wha’ she did. we will do our best to ensure this. “

2 son of tom hanks and rita wilson

chats hanks, the 2nd son of tom hanks and rita wilson, regularly deals with drug trafficking. he was rehabilitated in 2015, but soon collided with driver terry mugan. hanks and rita were also asked to file a lawsuit against chat in 2016. hunter and rita are said to ‘ve had a car, claiming that muang suffered physical and mental injuries, and chet had a car cause he knew he had problems with self-regulation.

mugan claims che was involved in a drug or alcohol accident during the accident.

the son of nikolai cage

weston, the son of nicolas cage, born on dec 26, 1990, was arrested for domestic violence in 2011. he also pticipated inna rehabilitation of drug addicts.

4 son of robert downey jr.

robert downey jr., son of indio downey, was fined in 2014 for cocaine abuse and use. then his father sent his 20-yr-old son for rehabilitation.

5 daughter whitney houston

bobby christina brown, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown, was born on mar 4, 1993 and was featured in a video bout cocaine use in 2012. in 2015, he was found unconscious inna bathroom and died in a coma in a coma for 6 mnths on jul 26 of the same yr.

6 son of jackie chan

jesse chan, son of jackie chan, was sentenced to 6 mnths in beijing after bein’ arrested for drug trafficking in 2015. the police discovered + than 100 grams of marijuana inna house of 32-yr-old jesse. at that time, jackie chan had been referred to as the chinese drug officer in china since 2009.

7 daughters of bruce willis

scout, the daughter of bruce willis and demi cats, was born on jul 20, 1991, and was arrested for drinking alcohol and forging police documents. in 2014, her youngest daughter tula was rehabilitated atta age of 20 due to frequent alcohol abuse.

8 son of michael jordan

marcus jordan, born on dec 24, 1990, was arrested in 2012 for pticipating in fitin’, misconduct, and police protests. marcus recently posted a photo of his member on his twitter page.

son of michael douglas

cameron douglas, the son of actor michael douglas and his ex-wife diandra +l douglas, was arrested 3 times for drug offenses. in 2010, he was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison for selling methamphetamine to a manhattan hotel. he was held in a pre-trial detention cell for two yrs after his lawyer repeatedly asked for drug delivery to prison and for violating prison rules, na sentence was doubled. cameron douglas, 34, was released in early 2018.

10 son of hugh hefner

hefner’s son, 2012, a 21-yr-old boy, was arrested for hacking and cheating on his girlfriend claire sinclair and pticipating in a 52-week program against domestic violence. twas also reprted to ‘ve damaged the sinclair laptop, but'a case was soon closed.

11 daughter of lionel richie

nicole, daughter of richie, nicole was born on sep 21, 1981 and was charged with heroin abuse in 2003. in 2006 nicole richie was also involved in drunk driving.

12 son of martin sheen

martin sheeny, son of charlie, was born on sep 3, 1965 and was a real child. charlie sheen was arrested several times in drug trafficking cases. he was arrested and arrested again in 2009.

13 daughters of george w. bush

the twin daughters of george w. bush, barbara and jenna, born on nov 25, 1981, were punished for alcohol in 2001. the girl was 20 yrs old atta time and, under the laws of the state of texas, has the rite to drink alcohol atta age of 21.

marlon brando’s son

“every” son of marlon brando, the godfather’s actor, was arrested for murder. christian brando was killed in 1990 by a stepmother. christian was shot after his sister told him bout her friend’s sufferation. christian was sentenced to 6 yrs in prison and released in 1996. in 2005, his ex-wife christian also accused domestic violence. christian died of pneumonia in 2008.

15 daughter of ozzy osbourne

ozzy osbourne’s daughter, kelly, born oct 27, 1984, was arrested in 2008 for attacking zoya griffin and daily mirror journalist zoe griffin.


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