Preserved images of the fading red giant Betelgeuse

w'da eso very large telescope (vlt), astronomers recorded a power failure onna surface of betelgeuse, a red super giant star inna constellation orion. new images of the surface of the star show not 1-ly how the red super giant fades, b'tll so how its visible shape changes. informed eso press srvc.

betelgeuse is a once brite star inna constellation orion, which is bout 650 lite yrs away from us. twas a litehouse inna nite sky for stargazers, but it started to fade atta end of last yr. on feb 14, the briteness of betelgeuse was 1-ly 36% of the norm.

scis took photos of the star in jan 2019 b4 it began to fade, and ‘ve been watching it since dec last yr, when darkening appeared onna surface of the star. ⊢, they ‘ve “b4” and “after” pictures.

the main ? facing scis is: does the betelgeuse power cut mean the star is bout to explode? like all red supergiants, betelgeuse will one dy become a supernova, but astronomers liv'dat this won’t happen now. they ‘ve other hypotheses that explain exactly wha’ causes a change in shape and briteness that is noticeable inna images. according to a hypothesis, the surface offa star cools down due to unusual star activity or gas emissions.

[photo: eso / m. montargÈs et al.]

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