Uninformed dialogues by psychotherapist Viktor Kagan

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the dialogue aint verbal – behavioral. if i remember correctly, this was the yr that i worked as a child ψ-chotherapist for the 2nd time. after 5 yrs of training inna early 1970s, there was no self-education w'da now unimaginable sufferation of literature, tch'mins i tried to stuff a parachute onna fly. there were no № of errors …

a patient of bout ten yrs witha brite hysterical neurosis inna form offa cough. one dy, when i wasn’t w8in for him, i noticed that he was walking down the corridor and looked like they showed up with mom – –

i hurry to the symptom – to sit, sit, hypnotize … ..

i go to a + experienced colleague and say help. “bring me,” he says. i’ll bring it. a colleague who barely rezs his head to him – sit down, switch onna tape recorder and continue writing. i look from the corner, to put it mildly, not without outrage, they say, how come the boy is sufferation?

til suddenly after 10-15 minutes i don’t notice that the office is quiet.

in short, i completely lost the dialogue w'da man and handed the man over to a colleague for work. ‘d ‘ve understood + intelligently and even from scarce literature that such dances dance witha tambourine round hysteria. wha’ literature s'dat? after all, in my 1st yr as a ψ-chiatrist, i had the same type of blindness that went blind the nite b4 the re-examination and was “taken for granted” the nxt dy when i left the ophthalmologist with atropine in my eyes. i asked my mother wha’ time twas and heard two a few minutes l8r he got his eyesite – everything is fine, the time for re-examination has passed na symptom is no longer there. but i didn’t remember it either.

now i can 1-ly guess wha’ motivated me – professional boredom, to prove the fear of the newcomer w'da wish that “witha mustache” tis notorious salvation, something else and something … everything is probably in a cocktail. but i remember this lost dialogue for + than ½ a century … na non-verbal dialogue offa colleague witha patsajo –

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