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no matter wha’ stage we’re at n'our life, anxiety can take a toll on us. it can cause fear, nausea, fatigue, and much +.

cause of the severity of anxiety, a lotta us are constantly searching for wys'2 help with anxiety. 1-odda best wys'2 help deal with anxiety and relieve symptoms is witha namaste weited blanket.

these weited blankets are designed in a way for pplz to deal with anxiety head-on. if you struggle with anxiety, then namaste’s anxiety blanket is perfect 4u.

down belo will take a closer at exactly how the blanket helps with anxiety. let’s get started.


serotonin is a chemical nerve that cells produce and its benefits include the ability to help calm d'body. namaste’s anxiety blanket helps the release of serotonin in d'body. this factor allos d'body to be + calm, cool and collected. 3 factors tha're primordial for d'body during the difficult nature of dealing with anxiety. with an increase of serotonin, you’ll start to see the side effects of anxiety not be as severe. although this isn’t a 100-% solution, it’s definitely a start.

helps sleep

pt of the reason anxiety lvls are high in certain pplz is due to how they sleep. anxiety is often caused by a lack of sleep and restlessness. a weited blanket like this s'been proven to provide deeper sleep which will allo pplz to feel + rested. theoretically causing them to feel sufferationed and anxious as a result. if you ‘ve anxiety and ‘ve trouble sleeping, then this blanket is a perfect two-way solution 4u. we all know how primordial sleep is, espeshly for those who feel sufferationed or anxious. with this knowledge, why w8? help yr anxiety now by gettin a namaste anxiety blanket.


a big issue with anxiety s'dat it causes irritability. irritability is something that makes it nearly impossible to feel comfortable. 1-odda best wys'2 fite anxiety is to try and feel comfortable. with this in Ψ, a namaste weited blanket guarantees you that you’ll feel + comfortable. once you feel + comfortable, you’ll start to deal with symptoms of anxiety better and eventually get to where you wanna be.

deep pressure

the main reason a namaste weited blanket has this + effect on pplz has to do w'da deep pressure effect o'it. the deep pressure effect o'it s'been studied and linked to bein’ the src of calming the nerves, promoting sleep, and helping pplz come down from anxious episodes. if you struggle with anxiety and ‘ve a hard time dealing with, the deep pressure sensation a weited blanket gives you will certainly help.

where you can buy one

besides anxiety relief, there are countless benefits to a weited blanket. if you’re interested in a weited blanket, or + primordially namaste’s anxiety blanket, look no further. click here to grab yr weited anxiety blanket.


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