Chris Chibnall’s New Doctor Who Short Story Is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

The Thirteenth Doctor getting her bearings.

the 13th dr gettin her bearings.image: bbc

the circumstances of the 13th dr’s regeneration were pticularly momentous cause while she, like most drs b4 her, was able to regenerate just fine, moments l8r she was flung out of her ship above the earth and left to fall to the planet’s surface as her tardis both exploded and dematerialized—“dematerialexploding”—b4 her eyes. this was not an ideal situation.

dr who showrunner chris chibnall published “things she thought while falling,” a new short story, onna bbc’s site. but he prefaced it witha note to whovians:

hello! we’re living through some strange times rite now.

with pplz staying home, and families stuck together, i thought maybe a few lil presents from dr who mite help. something to read, together or alone. new treats, from the pplz who make dr who.

we’ll try and post things here once or twice a week. l8r this week, we’ll ‘ve a never-b4-published treat written by russell t davies.

to start us off, i’ve written a few words bout wha’ went through the 13th dr’s head, immediately after she regenerated and was thrown out her tardis.

stay safe.

chris x

inna story itself, chibnall reveals a fair amount + bout wha’ went through the dr’s Ψ as her body fell to earth inna series 11 premiere, and truth be told, her thoughts were rather charming and indicative of the new kind of person she was actively inna process of becoming (while also potentially falling to her death).


though falling to earth mite ‘ve alarmed a garden variety human, for the dr, the experience was a time for some primordial cogitateion on her new form, and some quick thinking as to how best to make use of the fact that her regeneration wasn’t yet fully complete.

cause a full-on collision w'da ground from that h8 ‘d certainly kill a time lord (see: the 4th dr’s demise), it’s not something the 13th was pticularly keen on, which led to her developing a rather novel way to use her predicament to ensure that when she crashed inna'da ground, she’d + than likely make it. beyond that, though, “things she thought while falling” also gives voice to the dr’s many parallel trains of thought as they’re still becoming accustomed to bein’ pt of her new ♀ identity.

the whole thing’s a fascinating, short read, and perfectly fits into somd' 1st moments of series 11—and that’s something you’re probably goin to wanna check out.


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