‘Solar Opposites:’ Watch the Trailer for New Series from ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator

hulu released the trailer for solar opposites, a new animated series coming may 8, n'it’s safe to say this is another reason to go on living til at least may 8. back off, virus. solar opposites will reΨ you a lotta rick and morty, and that’s cause it’s the brainchild of justin roiland, who co-created rick and morty with dan harmon. if you’re like us, you’ve beheld every episode of rick and morty several times and feel the show’s major flaw s'dat thris just not enough o'it. so… solar opposites? all episodes dropping may 8? yes please.

there’s all sorts of r&m-style effed up ish goin on in this trailer, from a lady robot who serves cookie dough out of her breast (above) to lite♥ed use of heroin to consequence-free murder of cartoon birds and, course, the pupa. ew, wha’ a word — pupa.

so hang in there til may 8.

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authors: josh robertson


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