The DDO Chronicle: Issue 383


the hoarder is a new desktop utility for loot! click here to read + bout it.

axel does a ddo cover! click here to hear it.

massivelyop finds the gatekeepers! click here to watch the video.

to nominate a player, email… w'da subject line “player spotlite”

several players are currently looking for a guild to call home. click here to find their posts onna recruitment forums!

email… w'da subject line “guild hall” t'get yr guild featured!

an airship is traveling east at 40 miles per hr, and another aiship is traveling west at 80 miles per hr. tween them, a player toon at maximum encumberance is falling at 60 miles per hr. wha’ tis player toon wearing?

comment onna ddo forums here and you ‘d win ddo points!

ddocast talks the 2nd season of hardcore in episode 599! click here to watch or listen.

ddostream is yr 1st stop to find ddo on twitch! this week, d&d nite finds a king of the hill, ddopl fites pirates, and bard life plays witha full stream athenæum!

also on twitch, kiwihannah runs r4, cetusddo shows the dps, and nimvind brings the lobies!

over on tube, sherman’s gaming does a let’s play, caffeineinjected plays a paladin, and strimtom figs out which crossbow is best!

grimorde has an alchemical romance! click here to read bout it.

  • all quests, raids, and quest zones remain free through may! click here to read + bout it.
  • hardcore season 2 is now having an after pty! click here to read + bout it.
  • cordovan goes through some patch preview notes and + in this week’s weekly wed lunchtime livestream! click here for the video. 

winter arrives for lapreins n'our 464th ddo screenshot of the week! thx, lapreins, for sending in this week’s screenshot. 

click here to check out the entire gallery!

click here to learn how yr screenshot ‘d be the nxt screenshot of the week!

  • ddo bonus dys bring you a buddy boost weekend including raid groups! get +5% xp for every member in yr pty or raid group other than yrself, now through may 25th!
  • this is yr final weekend t'get all otto’s boxes inna ddo store! get heroic, epic, and improved otto’s boxes through may 25th!
  • hack and stash! get 20% off:
    • slayer boosts
    • loot boosts and treasure hunter elixirs
    • select shared storage
    • now through may 28th!
  • the weekly coupon gets you a free wand of magic missile w'da coupon code firemissiles, now through may 28th! 

that’s all for this week’s edition of the ddo chronicle. we’ll see you nxt time!

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authors: cordovan


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