Moebius Concept Art for ‘Willow’ [17 Images]


heavy metal artist jean “moebius” giraud had a long history with hollywood — including willo, the 1988 fantasy film directed by ron howard. whn'we look back at concept art, sometimes we see the seeds of the film we know, but other times it’s a window onna movie that wasn’t made. such tis case here, with moebius’ mythic visions of willo, sorsha, kael, madmartigan, and brownies bearing lil resemblance to the toons we saw onscreen.

though howard was the director, willo is often referred to as george lucas’ movie, as he was the writer and executive producer. and that may explain somd' touches here, according to the author of the tellforward blog. lucas was well known for drawing inspiration from akira kurosawa samurai movies — and willo’s plot has the feel offa samurai quest. (questr charged with transporting spesh baby through hostile territory, where ‘ve we heard that one b4…) though not cogitateed inna film twas' ultimately made, these designs mite ‘ve been truer to lucas’ original idea.

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