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due to the coronavirus pandemic, hope interfaith center in mankato, minn., decided to cancel this yr’s star gathering. in its place, tis presenting the two-dy “we ignite together” event on jun 13-14, available by video streaming in yr home.

“this time is created for us to change, to wake up and to grow,” says rev. janeat “hope” gorman, director and founder of hope interfaith center and host of we ignite together. “we can come together w'da realm to ignite new creation in yr life! …thris so much to be created n'our lives — so much passion within us — so much good to do inna realm. the realm needs you and yr gifts. ur uniquely created! learn to use yr gifts to help you grow and evolve. learn to create yr best life!

rev. hope says the online event is designed to help you wake up and grow on yr spiritual path — to create new in yr life!

“every idea you ‘ve, every dream in yr ♥, every call that is inside o-u,” she says, “is there to help you and to help the realm. ur here to make a difference. you ‘ve unique gifts that god, the universe, wha’ever you believe, gave you. wha’ever yr gifts are, they are given to you for a reason. uncover yr gifts to serve others and watch yrself rise! we ‘ve experiences and synchronicities that happen that we can’t deny. this event is a safe place to explore and discover new aspects of yr life and yr soul.”

“we ignite together” brings together 6 presenters who will speak on: yr soul’s upgrade and walk-ins, dna activations and attunements, channelings, talks on star children, our souls quest, creating a new earth, and +. the one-dy pass ($67 + $5.71 fee) gives you access to the 1st dy of talks on jun 13, with video replay available for two weeks. the vip pass ($88 + $6.99 fee) provides full access on dy one and a complete 2nd dy on jun 14 with live teachings, a q & a, and a sonic boom cosmic sound bath. it also will include a bonus gift on jun 15, with video replay available for one mnth.

the presenters are:

• rev. janeat “hope” gorman, a spiritual teacher and intuitive who created this event. she will serve as host and will share her guidance and wisdom throughout the event.

• garrett duncan, presenting “supporting our star children of tody.” born and rezd onna navajo reservation, garrett listened to the stories told by his grandparents and listened to their teachings that cogitateed their cultural knowledge.

• shirley bolstock, presenting “the № 1 i am attunements and ‘8’ activations and grid work.” shirley is an energy healer, speaker, teacher and medium who is able to connect with those onna other side. a native of denver, colo., she tis author of apples from the tree of life, impassioned soul, and grapes from the vines of life.

• caroline oceana ryan, presenting “energetically movin inna'da new human body, Ψ and spirit.” caroline has channeled information from angels and spirit guides since childhood. she currently channels the divine wisdom and higher energies of the collective, a group of higher bein’s that include ascended masters, angels and archangels, faery elders, earth elementals, galactic family members nother guides who are here to support us as we ascend inna fifth-dimensional life. she has published 5 books channeled from the collective.

• yvonne perry, presenting “walk-ins, soul aspect integration, and timeline syncing.” yvonne is a nashville-based minister, author, healing sound therapist and galactic practitioner of lite codes. her shamanic methods help pplz retrieve and reintegrate multidimensional soul aspects. she incorporates lite language to help pplz shift into wholeness and integrate multidimensional aspects o'their souls.

• tammy & anthony chino, presenting “sonic boom cosmic sound bath.” tammy and anthony chino, from albuquerque, nm, ‘ve created a community called collective frequency, a space for all to be student teachers and empower one another. they support a new platform and blueprint to create sacredness on this earth.

for tickets and + information, visit www.hopeinterfaithcenter.com…

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