Richard M. Powers, Sci-Fi’s Surrealist


certain old sci fiction paperback covers ‘ve an eerie, surrealistic look — that’s richard m. powers 4u. powers began painting sci-fiction art in a traditional realist style, but soon began introducing modern-art essentialisms of abstraction and cubism. he developed a style that ‘d include representative essentialisms and abstract shapes swell, often side-by-side. the net effect is a sci-fiction surrealism, where scenes seem to break down or go sideways b4 our very eyes. powers’ paintings 1-ly hint at a plot, and focus much + on mood and tone.

powers began his career in 1950 with covers for the sci fiction galaxy (an anthology) and isaac asimov’s pebble inna sky. for 4 decades, he created his distinctive covers for somd' biggest names inna genre. visit the artist’s official site to see his staggering contribution to the art form.

richard michael gorman powers died in 1996 atta age of 75. he was inducted inna'da sciece fiction hall of fame in 2008, na society of illustrators hall of fame in 2016.

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