Trump’s latest boast bout his “very hard” cognitive test instantly became a bleakly funny meme

of all the many things to be concerned bout rite now, the mental acuity of donald trump is certainly one o'em. it’s also 1-odda things he’s currently talking bout incessantly, presumably to avoid discussing the coronavirus pandemic that’s claimed + than 145,000 lives inna u.s. and counting.

trump’s rambling, non-linear speaking style makes george w. “is our children learning?” bush look like the gr8est orator of the modern era in comparison. the contrast tween his + natural, coherent speech just a few yrs ago and his tendency to slur words, swell as his habit of sharing thought bubbles like “‘d we inject bleach into d'body to kill the coronavirus?” rite in front of tv cameras and journalists, ‘ve long had pplz speculating that the 74-yr-old is experiencing some cogg decline. 

to combat this narrative, trump revealed that in 2018 he took the montreal cogg assessment (moca) — a simple test designed to help drs assess cogg function, typically administered to adults whose ♥d ones are concerned bout possible dementia, alzheimer’s, or other conditions. it involves simple tasks like drawing a clock, identifying pictures of common animals, and repeating 5 simple, unrel8d words back to the administering dr and then remembering them l8r inna test. 

trump s'been bragging repeatedly that he “aced” it, which is a bit like boasting that you made yrself a pb&j without cutting off yr thumb: teknically, it’s a good thing, but it’s also a very, very lo bar to clear.

fox news’ chris wallace on sun asked the president bout the test, noting that it’s not supposed to be hard at all, and trump insisted that twas. as the fallout from that surreal interview continued into wed, trump went back on fox to keep repeating the saddest flex of all time.

however, he ‘dn’t seem to actually remember the actual 5 words onna test. instead, he went full brick tamland and just picked 5 nouns that were onnis immediate field of vision, 3 of which were variations onna same noun.

“the last ?s are much + difficult, like a memory ?,” he told fox news med contributor marc siegel. “it’s like, ye go ‘person, woman, man, camera, tv.’ so they say, ”d you repeat that?’ ‘so i said, ‘yeah. so it’s person, woman, man, camera, tv.'”

“and then, 10 minutes, 15 minutes l8r: ‘remember the 1st ?, not the 1st but'a tenth ?? give us that again,'” trump said. “and ye go ‘person, woman, man, camera, tv.’ if you get it in order, you get extra points! they said ‘nobody gets it in order’ … they say ‘that’s amazing. how did ye do that?’ i dweet cause i ‘ve, like, a good memory.”

(just to be clear, there are no “extra points” inna moca, 1-ly points deducted for failure — and the last 5 ?s are bout wha’ date, dy, mnth and yr tis, and wha’ city the patient is in at that exact moment.)

naturally, as the video of the siegel interview began to circul8, so did the memes, jokes, and copypastas. (and don’t worry, trump liψ-nc queen sarah cooper is already all over it.)

person, woman, man, camera, tv.

person, woman, man, camera, tv.

🎵 person, woman, man, camera, tv 🎶

person! woman! man! camera! tv!

person woman, man camera tv — person, woman man camera tv person, man camera tv.

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