The DDO Chronicle: Issue 391


the orien discord is celebrating a yr witha raffle! click here t'get + information bout wha’ is goin on!

to nominate a player, email… w'da subject line “player spotlite”

which toon enhments ‘d be best iffey applied in a food fite?

comment onna ddo forums here and you ‘d win ddo points!

ddo players news ‘da been at gen con! instead, you can click here t'get their newest show.

ddocast continues their discussion on gearing up! click here to watch or listen.

ddostream is yr 1st stop to find ddo on twitch! this week. d&d nite goes inna'da unknown, sigtrent uncovers the truth bout the festivult jester, and brock and friends gets echoey.

also on twitch, msserenity stays alive on an arty, dark crusader streams on orien, and hrrrk returns!

over on tube, pineleafneedles plays an alchemist, vooduspyce gives a tutorial on inferno of the damned, and kamdragon records a realm 1st too hot to handle!

  • hardcore season 3: saving grace continues! click here to read + bout our hardcore server running through sep 22nd.
  • to say thank you, we're offering a free coupon for a sovereign ii experience elixir. coupon code sov2pot (1/account) through aug 8th. additionally, vips will see their time extended by 2 dys and receive 150 ddo points. we will announce when that work is complete.
  • cordovan continues to (mostly) not die inna l8st weekly wed lunchtime livestream. click here for the show!


yutte declares herself the captain of the ship n'our 474th ddo screenshot of the week! thx, yutte, for sending in this week’s screenshot.

click here to check out the entire gallery, and click here to learn how to submit yr screenshot.

click here to learn how yr screenshot ‘d be the nxt screenshot of the week!

that’s all for this week’s edition of the ddo chronicle. we’ll see you nxt time!

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authors: cordovan


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