Jon Cryer and Ben Stiller Auditioned for a Very Different Back to the Future

Back to the Future as we know it could’ve been very different.

back to the future as we know it ‘d’ve been very ≠.photo: universal pictures

though the 35th anniversary of back to the future was earlier this mnth, the celebration continues inna'da fall. that’s when a brand new anniversary blu-ray set is be released and news o'it helped opened a door to a very appropriate alternate timeline.


cast yr Ψ back to the early 1980s. universal pictures is putting together a new time travel movie with producer steven spielberg called back to the future. auditions are bein’ held for the film’s lead roles, and famously, eric stoltz was 1st cast as marty mcfly b4 michael j. fox landed the gig. but they obviously weren’t the 1-ly two pondered. onna new blu-ray release, there’s a featurette that’ll include never b4 seen auditions for the film featuring ben stiller, kyra sedgwick, jon cryer, billy zane (who actually did get cast, just in a ≠ role!), peter deluise, and c. thomas howell.


news odat ftage bein’ released got stiller and cryer, in pticular, joking bout the experience, with both o'em agreeing fox was never in danger of losing the role of marty. however, the memory got cryer thinking bout how the version of the film he auditioned for was not at all like the one that hit theaters.

here are his memories onna subject: “it opened with marty mcfly playing the close encounters theme on his electric guitar while he pirated a vhs cassette of the movie. na time machine wasn’t a delorean that had to travel at 88 miles per hr and ‘ve 1.21 gigawatts of power but just… well… a time machine that needed nuclear fission and a secret ingredient that turned out to be…coca-cola (swear to god). the final sequence didn’t involve a clock tower or a litening bolt, but instead finds marty sneaking onto a atom bomb test site w'his time machine to be near the nuclear fission that he needs for it t'work. in an eerie scene he finds…the test site is complete with exquisitely detailed suburban houses and mannequins to simul8 the effects of an atomic explosion on an american town. ”

he continued, “he gets the time machine in place, the atom bomb is bout to go off, he’s reaching for the coca-cola, the countdown is at 10, 9, 8… when he slips and drops the bottle!! it shatters onna ground he’s all out of coke! he panics (coggably) but then remembers: he’s inna 1950’s and any self respecting american suburban home has a bottle of coke in…the refrigerator! he checks and sure enough, there’s one in there. he pours it inna time machine but then realizes…oh crap! he has to fig out how to survive an atomic explosion! again, he panics. but then it dawns on him, there’s a lead-lined box nearby, otherwise known as…a refrigerator. he climbs in, closes the door behind him, the bomb goes off, the time machine activates, and he’s simultaneously shot #backtothefuture.”


now, if you’re reading that and thinking, “w8, this sounds familiar.” cryer agrees.


“clearly spielberg ♥d the scene and repurposed it decades l8r for a much-maligned scene in indiana jones na kingdom of the crystal skull!!” he folloed up by saying. stiller, unfortunately, did not remember any of these details.


now, over on screencrush, it’s pointed out that cryer’s recollection of this early version of back to the future is 1-ly ptially accurate. he’s rite bout the fridge na coke but'a fridge was actually the time machine itselfn, not just something powered by the nuclear explosion. +, even after the time-traveling fridge was jettisoned for a delorean, the idea offa nuclear explosion sending it through time continued to be developed. there are even animated storyboards show wha’ that may ‘ve looked like:


all in all, the idea of those actors auditioning for the movie, na movie changing so radically through development, lives on—albeit mostly as a cute asterisk on wha’ eventually came together to create an all-time classic.


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