Wonderwerk Podcast Preview! Listen to ‘The Black Ruins of Aramoor’

wandawerk is a storytelling podcast from heavy metal, launching aug 4. to whet yr appetite, we’ve released this exclusive excerpt through syfy — two minutes of the 1st wandawerk story, “the black ruins of aramoor,” by bart and michelle sears.

“the amazing thing bout this story wasn’t the writing, twas the listening,” they told syfy wire in a joint statement. “this is a one-man radio play that is simply mesmerizing.”

wandawerk’s multi-talented narrator, sound designer, engineer, & composure, kyle perrin, brings the “realms” to life.

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wandawerk is a heavy metal entertainment & diga studios production, launching aug 4, 2020. wandawerk volume one features creators s'as heavy metal’s ceo matthew medney, heavy metal’s publisher & chief creative overlord, david erwin, along with other major creators including: ron marz, blake northcott, dan fogler, brendan columbus, george c. romero, david arquette, cliff dorfman, patrick smith, morgan rosenblum & +!

original content at: www.heavymetal.com…
authors: josh robertson


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