Bitcoin Reddit Roundup – July 2020

welcome to the 2nd edition of reddit roundup by nik and flip of btc magazine!

this roundup contains 45 links to the best quality content twas' uploaded to btc reddit this mnth. most links come from the pop r/btc, but wolso' retrieved posts from other forums swell, s'as r/btcmining.

in this roundup there are 10 ≠ categories of links: privacy, adoption, development, security, mining, business, education, regulation & politics, archaeology (financial incumbents) and, last but not least, memes, fun, nother.

big lash outout to sam wouter, creator of btcsnippets. from oct 2016 to oct 2019, he was creating these mnthly link summaries to help everyone keep up to date with btc. he’s kept adding to his pl8 and has less time to put these together, so we decided to pick up the torch where he left off.

recap of r/btc in jul 2020

the most impactful news from round btc is bout how we move forward protocol enhments through soft forks. in pticular, how we go bout activating tap√ tis focal point for the majority of the core developers. there ‘ve been active conversations all summer, but it finally feels like we’re gettin closer to making decisions on activation.

while tap√ seems to be largely accepted by those on btc twitter, there are ongoin discussions bout the best way to implement it. lotso' opinions, lotso' options n'how to move forward.

we had reprts of adoption picking up in + economically oppressed countries s'as argentina, el salvador and in sub-saharan africa. p-to-p trading in africa and argentina was hitting new all-time highs in response to the economies in these countries weakening. also, btc use among villages in el salvador continues to rise as yet another village adopted btc as its main $.

the weak legacy system s'been gettin gank l8ly and some countries ‘ve gone through $ crises cause of all the mny printing. lebanon was a big one, as we saw riots inna streets and even their citizens burning down their central bnks. we ‘ve a full recap o'it down belo and this… this is why we btc.

½way through the mnth, multiple big twitter accounts were hacked w'da same message bein’ tweeted from each. the hackers wanted to steal btc and tried the ol’ “send me x amount of btc, and i’ll sen'tcha double the amount back” trick.

while many uneducated pplz were blaming btc itself for the hack, u.s. congressman tom emmer stepped up and defended btc ritely, as twas not to blame. btc can’t hack anything, it’s just a computer protocol. when you get an irs scam call, you don’t blame the u.s. usd, now do you?

goldman sachs (like the rest of us) confirm they are worried bout the u.s. usd’s current position as the realm reserve $. with btc breathing downs its neck, it’s no wanda that these big institutions are starting to come public with these statements. looking back at history, the hardest mny always wins, and btc tis hardest mny the realm has ever seen.

tick-tock, tick-tock.


10 tips for using btc + anonymously. (7/9)

teknical: tap√: why activate? (7/15) 


argentina sets new btc trading record as economy worsens. (7/7)

p2p btc trading is booming in sub-saharan africa. (7/15)

this el salvador village adopts btc as mny. (7/15)

you’re never too l8 for btc. btc obsoletes all other mny. (7/20) 

yr savings are bein’ printed away. buy btc! (7/27)

an open letter to the μ joe: $11,000 btc is just a drop inna ocean. (7/30)


litening xchanges – radar redshift allos you to make litening invoices using on chn btc (7/9) 

tool making it easy to inherit btcs to yr ♥d ones in a worst-case scenario (death, coma, etc). (7/12)

visa ptner zap rezs $3.5 million to expand btc payments. (7/16)


so u wanna cogg btc’s security? (explanation of sha-256) (7/8)

btc total hash rate reached new all time high.  (7/14)

btc 101 – quindecillions & the amazing math of btc’s private keys. (7/15)


the btc mining yr sfar. (7/27)

the difficulty of btc has renewed its all-time high. (7/20)

10,000 antminers vanish from bitmain-owned mining farm. (7/25) 

iran allos industrial btc mining as it seeks economic refuge. (7/30)


100x group is delited to announce that t'has awarded a us $50,000 one-yr grant to btc core contributor and researcher jeremy rubin. (7/22) 

when btc broke $11,000, bakkt volumes set a record high. (7/28) 


us mny base has grown by over 1000% in 40 yrs = ~6.5%pa true inflation. (7/7)

electrum litening network walkthrough. (7/5)

masters and slaves of mny.  (7/5)   

cogging inflation na purpose of printing mny. (7/13) 

why btc? it’s primordial to cogg btc from 1st principles. 5 crit properties. (7/14)

lebanon financial crisis explained – and why we need btc. (7/16)

see also

btc aint a get rich quick scheme, tis here to avoid you get poor sloly over time. (7/20) 

regulation & politics

twitter hack, not btc scam – twitter hackers fool fools out of btc. (7/16)

archeology (financial incumbents)

and they keep trying to paint btc as the bad guy. (7/7)

douche bnk caught in epstein sx ring, btc ‘d never do this.  (7/8)

zimbabweans are movin to btc as central bnk bans mobile mny, upon realization that btc cannot be controlled. (7/14)

us congressman defends btc in wake of twitter hack. (7/16)

goldman warns usd’s role as realm reserve $ is at risk. (7/28)

1st national city bnk of new york: btc price will hit $120k (7/30)

fidelity btc investment thesis: btc as an aspirational store of val system. (7/30)

memes, fun, & other

this pokémon card collector unpacked a limited edition charizard worth $55,000. (7/6)

i wanna learn btc.  (7/5)

“bnksters paradise” song by renegade investor got btc ogs revving (7/8)

btc tis safe bet! (7/9) 

my usd price tracker with coaster guy trend indicator. (7/10)

recently i decided to change all my professional and personal plans. i left my job. i left my friends and family. i left my country. all for btc. here is why. (7/22)

mr. krabs’ 1st dime was a rai stone from an island called yap. this is quite literally the most obscure reference you missed as a kid. (7/22)

saw this onna road thought you guys ‘d enjoy it a lil. (7/26) 

btc 11k. (7/30) 

if you ‘ve suggestions n'how to make our btc reddit roundup better, please drop us some comments onna thread and we’ll keep improving for nxt mnth!

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