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who was jesus and was he the 1-ly son of god? wha’ was jesus really teaching and where did that wisdom come from? beyond the mainstream interpretations we learned in sun school, who does jesus say we're?

many pplz use all or some of these words — jesus, christ, jesus christ, and god — interchangeably. yet, they aint identical na differences mite really surprise you!

if we look + deeply, with open eyes, Ψs and ♥s, we can find a rich and empowering cogging of who each of these entities actually is. this cogging also helps us to see who we are. jesus’ mystical teachings point us to our inner divinity and power, to our own divine heritage. we cogg who we really are and wha’ we’re capable of.

this aint a “new” interpretation. quite the contrary! this is a core cogging from jesus’ original mystical teachings that became lost through ego power dynamics.

i respect this gr8 master, jesus, a lot. as i’ve progressed in my spiritual and mystical path, i ‘ve come to know him well and ‘ve learned many things through him. perhaps you ‘ve a current relationship with catholic or christian teachings or were brought up in a household that did. or perhaps ur on yr spiritual path, but never studied jesus’ teaching personally. wha’ever yr relationship to catholicism or christianity, this new cogging of who jesus, christ, jesus christ, god and ur throws a whole new lite onna sacred mystical text of the holy bible.

the difference
so, wha’ tis difference tween jesus, christ, jesus christ and god?

jesus was a high master. he was a man, born from a mother, mary. he was human like you and me, witha physical body and blood. jesus went to the state of realization, christhood/buddhahood. he was a man who realized his mission onnis incarnation.

christ tis divine presence in you and in everyone, everything, everywhere. christ has ≠ names in ≠ traditions. inna bwiti tradition, christ is known as mbomba eyano, among many other names. in other traditions it’s called the higher self, eternal self, krishna consciousness, buddha consciousness, god consciousness, atma, fire snake, winged snake, etc. although they ‘ve ≠ names, all religions and spiritual paths talk bout this consciousness, cause all these paths lead to the same place.

jesus christ tis composition of jesus and christ working collaboratively: christ talked and acted through jesus, freely. this began when jesus received the holy spirit during his baptism by john the baptist. twas' his moment of illumination. from that point, jesus christ ‘d do all that he ‘d do: miracles, healings and profound teachings. this is also when christ began to talk through jesus in 1st person at ≠ times.

this is a really primordial point: this is jesus with christ. tis christ who worked through jesus.

god tis mother-father divine, src, unified consciousness na many, many other names for god! this tis big ocean of the all, and christ is a drop within this vast ocean. this drop contains the whole ocean, too. it’s impossible to study, to connect, w'da full ocean at once, but you can begin to study the ocean in one drop. christ offers a clear way for us to connect deeply with src.

this is why christ says through the mouth of jesus, “i am the way, the truth, na life. no person will meet the father except through me” (john 14:6).

it’s not jesus who says this: it’s christ. christ is giving us the super clear clue that in order to begin to merge w'da ocean of the all, god, we need the atma, higher self, christ consciousness t'get there. we nd'2 wake up to our true nature.

who is talking
when you read the bible, or hear a quote from jesus, ask yrself, “who’s actually talking?”

is it jesus? christ? or god, directly?

when jesus said, “any-1 whas' seen me has seen the father” (john 14.9), who is speaking? it’s an primordial distinction. christ is speaking through the mouth of jesus.

when jesus says, “don’t you liv'dat i am inna father, and that the father is in me? the words i say to ur not just my own. rather, tis the father, living in me, who is doin’ his work” (john 14.10), who is speaking?

and who is speaking here: “for i ‘ve come down from heaven, not to do my own will, but to do the will of him who sent me” (john 6:38)?

cogging jesus as the mouthpiece and christ and god as the speakers really shifts how we cogg jesus’ message.

you ‘ve this power, this christ-consciousness, in you. it’s not just “out there.”

jesus was the son of god — and so ru. we're all children of god, “i say, ‘ur gods; ur all children of the most high” (psalm 82:6).

as joshua david stone writes in soul ψ-chology, “god created you, and yr true identity tis christ. iow, ur all sons and daughters of god, made in god’s image. god is ♥, so ur ♥. you don’t ‘ve to become ♥; ♥ is wha’ ur.”

just like jesus, we're souls incarnated into flesh and blood bodies for this lifetime. we came here witha mission and w'da ability to access our christ nature.

stone continues, “yr true identity as the christ or buddha or atma or eternal self cannot be changed. that is how god created you. you can think ur something other than this, b'that does not change reality. ur the christ, the buddha, the atma, the eternal self, whether you believe it or not.”

with christ awake within, you can do the miracles that jesus did!

spirit moves
in all traditions, you’ll find pplz whom spirit moves through to do ≠ healings. we're channels for divine power. it’s very usual that the spirit can move and talk through you — it’s not unusual, like pplz ‘ve been taught to think. jesus says, “don’t you liv'dat i am inna father, and that the father is in me? the words i say to you i do not speak on my own authority. rather, tis the father, living in me, who is doin’ his work” (john 14:10). it’s not “you” doin’ the healing, it’s spirit.

jesus said that all that he did, we can do, and +, “very truly i tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works i ‘ve been doin’, and they will do even gr8r things than these, cause i am goin to the father” (john 14:12). many pplz think that 1-ly jesus can do miracles and that humans are impotent in divine matters. jesus said the opposite! he pointed to the fact that the divine is inside us, that we're all children of god. we ‘ve divine inheritance. think bout wha’ divine inheritance means for us.

the ? is how open are yr Ψ and ♥ to remember yr inherent christ nature? how much ru cultivating yr system to be able to receive this ♥, peace, wisdom and power that comes with this consciousness? how ru transcending the separative, fear-based Ψ of the ego that gets inna way of this? ru over-identifying with matter and building yr castle onna sand, or building yr castle onna rock, in spirit?

joshua david stone describes the process of remembering our christ consciousness precisely. “the spiritual path is really not bout trying t'get anyplace,” he writes. “tis just the reawakening to who ur. the 2nd step tis practice of bein’ the true self in daily life.”

“when i point atta moon, don’t look at my finger, look atta moon.” do you know this saying? it’s a pithy way of telling us to pay attention to the matter of consequence, not the means of communication. the moon is wha’ i’m showing you and my finger is just the way i cannelp you see where tis.

you ‘d say that jesus was the finger pointing to the “moon,” the eternal nature of life within us all. most pplz instead look at jesus’ pointing finger 1-ly and few actually looked to where he was pointing.

as thich nhat hanh says, we must not “mistake it for the truth itself.

“a finger pointing atta moon,” he says, “aint the moon. the finger is needed to know where to look for the moon, but if you mistake the finger for the moon itself, you will never know the real moon. the teaching is like a raft that carries you to the other shore. the raft is needed, but'a raft aint the other shore. an intelligent person ‘d not carry the raft round on his head after making it across to the other shore…. use the raft to cross to the other shore, but don’t hang onto it as yr property.”

when a'pers, place or experience points us toward something profound and holy, we must be sure not t'get stuck onna medium. once we receive the transmission, we can let go of the vehicle we used t'get there, cause now we're free. we’ve arrived. now, we know.

yet, this is exactly the opposite of wha’ mainstream religion has done. tis obsessed with jesus, the man, who touched ∞ and said, “hey, look, this tis way!” for many, jesus has become prezd as god.

this misses the point of claiming our power and true nature. to awaken to ourselves, we nd'2 remember our atma, our eternal self.

spiritual knowledge
this aint a judgment of pplz who worship jesus as god. all religions are a school of spiritual knowledge and i respect them all. thris something to learn whichever way ye go. wha’ i’m offering here is a clarification for the pplz who are ready and open enough to hear it.

cogitate on these words of jesus…(and you can discern “who” is speaking):

• “abide in me and i will abide in you” (john 15:4).

• “and know that i am with you always; yes, to the end of time” (matthew 28:20).

• “lil children, ur of god…the one who is in you is gr8r than the one who is in this realm” (1 john 4:4 ).

• “do not hold onna me, for i ‘ve not yet ascended to the father. go instead to my bros and tell them, ‘i am ascending to my father and yr father, to my god and yr god’” (john 20:17).

and paul’s words, “i ‘ve been crucified with christ and i no longer live, but christ lives in me. the life i now livin' d'body, i live by faith inna son of god, who ♥d me and gave himself for me” (galatians 2:20).

wha’ are yr thoughts and feelings bout these definitions? do they resonate? how does this affect yr cogging of jesus’ teachings, power, religion and spirituality?

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