Introducing Cloud Backups

we’re pleased to announce the integration of cloud backups for the… wallet, solving the age-old catch-22: how to make controlling yr mny both easy and secure.

non-custodial wallets ‘ve always been a unique feature of crp. they allo complete usr sovereignty by ensuring that 1-ly those who control the private keys ‘ve access to an account. but while controlling yr mny is uber, it can make crp wallets much harder to use than traditional financial accounts. for instance, if a usr accidentally logs out or loses their pass (and secret recovery phrase), they lose access to their funds… forever.

after yrs of using internet accounts for bnks and email providers, usrs are often blindsided by this reality. we don’t enjoy explaining to pplz in their moment of sufferation that we can’t help them rec’oer their funds.

so we thought there must be a better way. where we can ensure that… usrs both maintain full control o'their funds and ‘ve an easier way of gettin back into their account — without having to create a system to save and store a secret recovery phrase.

so we’re proud to announce that we’ve created an easy and secure backup via icloud and g drive that seamlessly upgrades the wallet experience for iphone and android usrs.

the details

how does it work?

when you log into yr wallet, we create an encrypted backup of yr wallet on yr personal icloud or g drive account to make recovery easier. this feature is available 1-ly on our mobile apps and is turned on by default. check that you ‘ve device backups turned on and an apple or g account to ensure that you can recover yr wallet if you lose yr backup phrase or device.

if you delete yr wallet app or get a new device and wanna regain access to yr funds, all you ‘ve to do is redownload the app and input yr pin to restore yr wallet.

yr blockchn wallet backup will not change how much storage space you ‘ve remaining on yr g drive or icloud accounts.

the cloud restore feature 1-ly works on devices using the same operating system. android 1-ly supports this feature when g play srvcs are enabled.

how does this keep my funds secure?

all odda security features of yr non-custodial wallet remain the same. the encrypted backup we create for yr icloud/g drive account does not provide access to yr wallet to either yr cloud provider (apple or g) or to…. as long as you keep yr private wallet information and cloud account secure, 1-ly you can access yr wallet and funds.

cloud backups are designed to make wallet recovery easier inna event that you switch mobile devices, delete the wallet app, or lose yr wallet pass and/or 12-word backup phrase.

can i opt-out of backing up my wallet?

we recommend keeping cloud backups enabled to ensure you never lose access to yr funds. however, if you wish to opt-out of cloud backups, you can do so within yr wallet settings.

if you opt-out of cloud backups, or if ye do not ‘ve device backups enabled on yr device, we strongly recommend you write down yr 12-word backup phrase and store it securely.… cannot reset or recover wallet passs or backup phrases, so if you lose yr wallet pass and do not ‘ve yr backup phrase, access to yr wallet and crp ll'be lost.

end-usr security is paramount to us. this is just another step n'our quest to make crp easier to use for everyone.

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