Term Matrix: a novel Gene Ontology annotation quality control system based on ontology term co-annotation patterns

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original content at: royalsocietypublishing.org…
authors: valerie wood
seth carbon
midori a. harris
antonia lock
stacia r. engel
david p. hill
kimberly van auken
helen attrill
marc feuermann
pascale gaudet
ruth c. ♥ring
sylvain poux
kim m. rutherford
christopher j. mungall
1cambridge systems biology centre, university of cambridge, 80 tennis court road, cambridge cb2 1ga, uk
2deptment of biochemistry, university of cambridge, 80 tennis court road, cambridge cb2 1ga, uk
3division of environmental genomics and systems biology, lawrence berkeley national lab, berkeley, ca 94720, usa
4deptment of genetics, evolution and environment, university college london, london wc1e 6b, uk
5deptment of genetics, stanford university, palo alto, ca 94304-5477, usa
6mouse genome informatics, the jackson lab, bar harbor, me 04609, usa
7division of biology and biological engineering, california institute of tek, 1200 east california boulevard, pasadena, ca 91125, usa
8deptment of physiology, development and neurosci, university of cambridge, downing street, cambridge cb2 3dy, uk
9swiss institute of bioinformatics, 1 michel-servet, 1204 geneva, switzerland
10functional gene annotation, preclinical and primordial sci, institute of cardiovascular sci, university college london, london wc1e 6jf, uk


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