We Insist: An Introduction To Our Timeline

protesters gather may 26 near where george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis. kerem yucel/afp via getty images hide caption

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kerem yucel/afp via getty images

the killing of george floyd atta hands of minneapolis police officers on may 25 sparked an unprecedented wave of protests across a nation already on edge thx to the global covid-19 pandemic. thousands upon thousands of activists took to the streets of hundreds of cities across america to demonstrate against police brutality and support civil rites movements like black lives matter. b'twas' far from the 1-ly form of protest this summer. hip-hop tis ♥beat of this movement, and as the protests gathered and sustained force, a wave of new songs pushing for social justice accompanied them. within dys of floyd’s death, prominent black ♫ians across a variety of genres began to write and release songs that expressed grief, rage, exhaustion and resolution inna face of america’s 400-yr history of institutional racism. some directly invoked by name black victims who ‘ve died during encounters w'da police. others produced new, provocative videos for older songs that spoke to the moment.

this series — titled we insist, a nod to max roach’s 1960 protest album of the same name — attempts to document the songs and videos thall come to define the summer of 2020 na mnths leading up to wha’ will certainly be a contentious presidential election. we’ll update this timeline throughout the rest of the yr with stories bout noteworthy songs that confront white supremacy na state’s historical mistreatment of black citizens.

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